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Several years in the past, it appeared that each K-Pop firm was attempting to turn out to be the following label within the “Big Three” — the highest three most profitable corporations within the K-Pop business, which consisted of SM EntertainmentJYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. These three had been on the peak of the business with the success of their artists and their gross sales numbers, and it appeared unreachable for different labels to get to their degree.

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Now, nonetheless, the “Big Four” is the time period extra typically used to speak in regards to the greatest K-Pop corporations, because of the success of HYBE Labels. What began as an unknown label, BIGHIT MUSIC, grew to become the large success story that it’s at present due to BTS, particularly after buying subsidiaries like Source Music and Pledis Entertainment.

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Now, it appears that evidently HYBE Labels not solely is on the identical degree as the opposite greatest corporations in K-Pop, however that they’ve really been surpassed by HYBE.

Recently, a submit was made on a web-based Korean discussion board that mentioned which corporations had essentially the most albums that had the best variety of first-week gross sales. Out of the highest 20 albums, 13 of them belonged to HYBE Labels, seven of which had been within the high 10!

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Top 20 K-Pop albums with the best first-week gross sales numbers

Of the 13 HYBE Labels albums that made the checklist, BTS and SEVENTEEN are tied with essentially the most, every with 5 albums within the high 20. BTS takes the primary, second, third, sixth, and eighth spots with Map of the Soul: 7PROOFBEMap of the Soul: Persona, and Butter / Permission to Dance respectively, whereas SEVENTEEN takes seventh, thirteenth, fourteenth, seventeenth, and twentieth with Face the SunYour ChoiceAttaccaSector 17, and Heng:garae.

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SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

Two of the remaining three HYBE Labels albums on the chart go to TXT — The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION and Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child on the fourth and fifteenth spots — whereas the ultimate one, Manifesto: Day 1 in sixteenth place, belongs to ENHYPEN.

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SM Entertainment has the second-most albums on the checklist: Candy and Glitch Mode by NCT DREAM2 Baddies by NCT 127, and Girls by aespa. JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment every have one: MAXIDENT by Stray Kids and BORN PINK by BLACKPINK respectively.

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Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

Here’s how followers are reacting on the submit discussing the spectacular album gross sales made by HYBE Labels’ artists.

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It can be attention-grabbing to see which corporations proceed to rule the business sooner or later, and if some other smaller labels will find yourself simply as huge!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

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