Hrithik Roshan is a hands-on daddy and likes to spend time along with his sons – Hrehaan and Hridaan. Today in an interview with E Times, Hrithik Roshan talked about his movies, particularly Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD), which completes 10 years. The Zoya Akhtar movie isn’t just the plenty favorite however even the celebrity’s too. He stated that he may relate to Arjun (his character) and the abstractness his character introduced in some scenes. Hrithik was all reward for ZNMD and even stated that his children love the movie.


He additional added that he has made his children watch all his movies lately and Hrehaan and Hridaan have cherished ZNMD essentially the most and in reality rated it 11/10. What’s extra there are three different movies of their daddy dearest that comes high within the children’ listing and the actor spills the beans, “I recently watched the film (ZNMD) again as I was going through all my films with my children as the audience, because I wanted their feedback. I also wanted them to be conversant with my work. They had some nice and some bad things to say about my movies. But when we watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD), I genuinely saw them identifying with that film. It was very surprising because it isn’t a children’s film, but I think what again rings true with an adult also rings true with a teenager or a kid because as children, we are more attuned to what’s honest and what’s not.”

Further speaking about their rankings he stated, “ They reacted to ZNMD more than any other film of mine. They gave the film 11/10 because they rate all my films. The closest that came to that film was Super 30, which they gave 9/10. They also rated War 9/10 and Kaabil 8.5. I have been doing well with my recent films on their scoreboard (laughs!). For them ZNMD was above rating, they termed it as ‘the best’ yet.” Well, we couldn’t agree extra.

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