To purchase the Panthean Robe of Casting in Final Fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light might want to achieve entry to the brand new Alliance Dungeon of Patch 6.1.

The Panthean Robe of Casting is the physique piece of the Level 90 Panthean Casting Set in Final Fantasy XIV, equippable by Thaumaturges, Arcanists, Black Mages, Summoners, Red Mages, and Blue Mages. This armor piece is designed with a velvety cloth coloured with a shade someplace between the spectrum of sepia and darkish purple. The clothes are blazed with royal gold plates and lining lower to emphasise its wearer’s stomach with a fragile and embellished structure. Final Fantasy XIV fashionistas may adore the Panthean Robe of Casting for its excessive stats and strikingly posh countenance.

The Panthean Robe of Casting is an Unsellable and Market Prohibited merchandise, which means that Warriors of Light are restricted to buying the chest piece on their very own with out the assistance of commerce. This gown, together with the remainder of the Panthean Casting Set, is obtained by finishing Patch 6.1’s new Alliance Dungeon, Myths of the Realm: Aglaia. This explicit Duty turns into accessible within the MSQ added in 6.1, which means that FFXIV gamers might want to have accomplished all of Endwalker‘s content material to entry the Dungeon.


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Specifically, FFXIV followers should full the hunt “The Realm of the Gods” to unlock Aglaia. This blue quest turns into accessible by way of the MSQ “A Brother’s Grief.” Furthermore, adventurers will want a minimal Item Level of 565 to enter Aglaia in Final Fantasy XIV.

Unlocking The Panthean Robe Of Casting In FFXIV

Nald Thal Aglaia Final Boss FFXIV

The Panthean Robe of Casting spawns as random loot dropped by one of many Treasure Coffers that seems after the defeat of Nald’Thal, the third and ultimate boss of Aglaia. Accordingly, Warriors of Light might want to courageous by way of the whole Dungeon, beating Byregot, Rhalgr, and Azeyma to get to The Traders: Nald’Thal. This Dungeon will probably take 25-35 minutes to finish, relying on the ability degree of the occasion members.

The ultimate battle of Aglaia should not be too difficult, so long as gamers have a common concept of Nald’Thal’s distinctive mechanics. For instance, Souls Measure and Balance may confuse a number of new gamers on the place they’re alleged to place themselves inside the area. Therefore, it could be a good suggestion to briefly verify how the struggle goes down earlier than blindly dealing with the boss. Once Nald’Thal is useless, three FFXIV Treasure Coffers will seem, and gamers may have a slight likelihood to seek out the Panthean Robe of Casting inside the chest on the entrance left. Remember that the participant rolling “need” on the merchandise may have a a lot larger likelihood of receiving it if their Job aligns with the gown’s class.

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Final Fantasy XIV is obtainable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC through Steam or Square Enix’s official web site.

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