If you may have oily pores and skin, it’s possible you’ll expertise well timed visits by whiteheads in your face. Unlike pimples, they’re laborious to hide with make-up and announce their presence with their protruding white mound and purple base.

Whiteheads are one of the vital widespread sort of pimples that dermatologists deal with in a clinic. When sebum, oil or hair follicle get trapped underneath the pores and skin, they kind whiteheads. Clogged pores are the primary reason behind whiteheads which may occur for causes like stress, air pollution, smoking, hormonal adjustments or menstruation cycle. Here’s the low down on the best way to do away with whiteheads at house.

Facial steam

Steam publicity helps open up clogged pores. You can maintain the affected space of your face over a bowl of boiling water. Place a towel over your head to create a steam tent. Alternatively, you should use a facial steamer.

Apple cider vinegar

With its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar can cut back pores and skin micro organism, which may help stop whiteheads.

Lemon juice

An acidic astringent, lemon juice can be utilized in its concentrated kind or diluted with equal elements water. Using a cotton pad, apply it to whiteheads and go away it on for 20 minutes. Wash it off completely.

Tea tree oil

A typical ingredient in face cleansers is tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties that may assist lower the quantity of micro organism that causes whiteheads. Apply it on to the affected space utilizing a cotton pad or your fingers.


It accommodates hydrogen peroxide naturally and with low acidic ranges, honey is taken into account to have potent antibacterial capabilities. With its excessive viscosity, it may well create an infection-preventing barrier on the pores and skin. Honey can be utilized as a masks or a spot therapy. Alternatively, you’ll be able to apply a combination of honey and lemon juice in your face as a masks after which rinse it off after quarter-hour.

Inputs by Sonali Devarkar, product formulation scientist, Plum; Dr Hitasha Patil, advisor dermatologist, Kaya Clinic

Everyday tricks to keep away from getting whiteheads:

Use a salicylic acid-based face cleanser

Wear a sunscreen and moisturiser day by day

Use clay masks as soon as per week

Do not pop whiteheads

Avoid facial scrubs

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