Pokémon Go’s uncommon legendary pokémon may be obtained from limited-time EX Raids or earned as rewards from finishing sure particular analysis duties.

Mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Go are obtained as rewards for finishing particular analysis duties or profitable an EX Raid. Because of their rarity, legendary Pokémon require a participant to stroll 20km with them as a buddy to earn one sweet. Additionally, it takes 100,000 stardust and 100 candies to unlock a legendary Pokémon’s second charged assault. Furthermore, aside from Meltan and Melmetal, no legendary Pokémon can be utilized to defend a gymnasium.

The legendary Pokémon that could also be rewarded for finishing a raid are Deoxys, Darkrai, and Genesect in Pokémon Go. Of notice, raids are solely accessible for a restricted time and cycle often. Additionally, the raids that includes legendary Pokémon might be 5-star, and the raids will probably require not less than 5 high-level gamers or a number of extra lower-level gamers to win. Once the raid is defeated, the participant will nonetheless should efficiently catch the Pokémon, which can be troublesome as legendary Pokémon have a low catch fee. Furthermore, gamers solely obtain a restricted variety of balls to make the catch. Luckily, gamers can take part in as many raids as they’ve passes for, in order that they have a number of possibilities to catch the legendary Pokémon and gather as many as they wish. Of notice, legendary Pokémon caught this fashion may be traded between pals as a particular commerce.


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The mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Go which might be rewarded for finishing particular analysis are Mew, Celebi, Victini, Meloetta, Jirachi, Hoopa, and Meltan. The particular analysis legendary Pokémon earned through rewards can’t be traded, however gamers could have ample alternative to catch them as they will use as many balls as they need. Special analysis duties can solely be accomplished as soon as, so gamers will be unable to acquire a number of copies of those Pokémon, not like within the raid Pokémon.

Mythical Pokémon Research Tasks in Pokémon Go

pokemon go shiny celebi research tasks

Most particular analysis duties would require gamers to catch numerous numbers of Pokémon, use berries, hatch eggs, make pals, stroll sure distances, battle in gyms, and make sure throws. While a lot of the duties might be a part of the common gameplay, some requests could also be troublesome. For occasion, to catch Mew, gamers might want to full the particular analysis job “A Mythical Discovery,” which requires gamers to evolve a Magikarp into Gyarados in Pokémon Go.

Celebi is rewarded for finishing “A Ripple in Time,” and gamers can earn a shiny Celebi by finishing the duty “Distracted by Something Shiny.” Of notice, A Ripple in Time requires gamers to evolve Eevee into each Espeon and Umbreon, which may be troublesome if gamers do not need ample sweet. The particular analysis job “Investigate a Mysterious Energy” will reward gamers with a Victini whereas Meloetta is rewarded from “The Melody Pokémon.” Notably, to complete Meloetta’s job, gamers might want to catch 15 totally different species of Pokémon and earn 5,000 stardust. Additionally, the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi is obtained by finishing A Thousand-Year Slumber in Pokémon Go, which requires gamers to evolve a Feebas and earn the gold Hoenn medal.

Furthermore, “Hoopa’s Arrival” provides gamers the legendary Pokémon Hoopa, and “Let’s GO,  Meltan” rewards gamers with a Meltan. “Let’s GO, Meltan” requires gamers to evolve a Grimer and catch Steel- and Electric-type Pokémon. Of notice, Meltan is exclusive in that it’s the solely legendary Pokémon that evolves. With sufficient candies, Meltan will evolve into Melmetal.

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Pokémon Go is on the market now on iOS and Android.

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