Ringing the East Bell is among the first targets in Tunic, however the East Forest could be troublesome to navigate, and there is a powerful enemy to defeat.

At the beginning of Tunic, there might be a number of instruction pages to gather that direct the fox towards the East Forest first. Ringing the 2 bells is the primary most important goal for gamers to finish, and doing so may even result in discovering numerous gear and improve objects. Reaching the East and West Belltowers in Tunic will open up the Sealed Temple and reveal the subsequent step for finishing the journey.

The entrance for the East Forest is within the central-eastern a part of the Overworld. The first room within the East Forest space accommodates the Belltower, nevertheless it’s not accessible on the beginning of Tunic‘s East Forest. There’s additionally an instruction web page to gather on the base of the Belltower. Players can head to the precise of the Belltower and go down the ladder to discover a save level. From there, gamers can observe the indicators pointing towards the Hero’s Grave to acquire a sword.


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After retrieving the sword from the Hero’s Grave within the East Forest, gamers will be capable to lower down the bushes beforehand stopping them from progressing. The bushes blocking the steps could be lower down to succeed in a brand new space. There’s a ladder resulting in a platform the place some Rudeling enemies are ready. The path will result in a gate blocking the way in which ahead, however there is a lever the fox can attain by climbing up the close by ladder. Once the gate is open, gamers can proceed to battle the Guard Captain.

Ringing The East Bell In Tunic

How to Defeat the Guard Captain & Find the East Belltower in Tunic Guard Captain Fight

Before coming into the subsequent space and taking over the Guard Captain, gamers may also discover the East Forest a bit to discover a well being potion and some different useful items in Tunic. When gamers are prepared, they will enter Guardhouse 2 to battle the Guard Captain. There’s additionally one other Rudeling on this space, and it is really useful that gamers defeat this enemy first. The Guard Captain can slash on the fox or lunge ahead, however each assaults are simply dodged.

The Guard Captain’s sword will elevate when making ready to strike, and the boss has a brief cooldown window after attacking. Players ought to dodge any incoming assault, then shortly swipe on the Guard Captain with the sword till one other strike is inbound. Alternatively, gamers can use firecrackers in the event that they have been picked up within the East Forest. Firecrackers are throwable weapons that may deal quite a lot of injury to the Guard Captain whereas permitting the fox to keep up a protected distance.

Once the Guard Captain boss is defeated in Tunic, gamers can proceed by way of the door to discover a chest with a well being potion in it. The stairs on this room will lead as much as the East Belltower, and gamers might want to strike it to ring the bell. After ringing the East Bell, gamers can drop down the rope on the aspect of it to make it simpler to get again if wanted. The East Belltower is one in all two that must be rung to be able to open up the Sealed Temple in Tunic.

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Tunic is offered for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and PC.

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