Some entered the highest 10 for the primary time!

Spotify has simply launched the “Top 10 K-Pop Artists” checklist for 2022, together with their common month-to-month listeners and most-streamed tune. While some artists remained in the identical place within the checklist since final 12 months, there have additionally been some dramatic modifications for others!

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The prime 4 most-streamed artists stored their place this 12 months: BTS at #1, BLACKPINK at #2, TWICE at #3, and Stray Kids at #4.

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BTS and BLACKPINK have remained at #1 and #2 respectively for the previous 5 years, and that doesn’t seem like altering anytime quickly! TWICE has additionally been in third place for 4 consecutive years.

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Coming into fifth place this 12 months is SEVENTEEN, up from the #7 place final 12 months, and marking their first 12 months making it into the highest 5 of the “Top K-Pop Artists” checklist!

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TXT positioned sixth for this 12 months, however they’re truly the one prime 10 artist to drop in placement since final 12 months, the place they ranked #5.

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Meanwhile, fellow fourth gen boy group ENHYPEN leapt up 4 spots to #7 for 2022, having positioned in eleventh final 12 months and coming into the highest 10 for the primary time.

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ITZY is one other artist that stored the identical spot this 12 months as final, putting #8 as soon as once more for the second consecutive 12 months.

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Jungkook made a powerful debut in ninth place after he was added as a soloist to Spotify in 2022, and can also be the one soloist to make the highest 10 this 12 months!

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Finally, (G)I-DLE additionally made an astounding leap of their placement since final 12 months, coming in at #10 and up 4 spots since their 14th place final 12 months. They peaked beforehand at #10 in 2020, and it’s nice to see their resurgence in recognition after their success this 12 months.

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2022 additionally marks the primary 12 months since EXO and Red Velvet have left the highest 10 checklist, in addition to IU‘s first time not making the top 10 since 2019.

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It’s fascinating to see how followers’ pursuits change through the years, and who is aware of who shall be on the prime this time subsequent 12 months?

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