The MIERUKO-CHAN anime and manga collection presents a novel mix of horror and comedy. Ironically, nevertheless, manga artist Tomoki Izumi and anime director Yuki Ogawa each describe themselves as “scaredy-cats.” ANN requested the 2 about their work crafting this distinctive collection.

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MIERUKO-CHAN was initially began as an web collection. When did the idea of “a girl who pretends she cannot see scary ghosts” come to you?

TOMOKI IZUMI: It all began as a result of Twitter manga have been getting standard and I assumed, “I want to draw my own manga and go viral too!” Although I have to profess that I got here up with the content material on the spot, I’ve at all times had an curiosity in drawing horror.

When you first started MIERUKO-CHAN on Twitter, it started trending shortly. Did you at all times intend for it to change into a serialized work or did its recognition on social media affect your choice?

IZUMI: From the second I first launched the manga, I had the intention of serializing it. There have been already manga being launched on Twitter in that format, so I wished to strive an possibility for serialization that is not the conventional route of submitting to {a magazine} competitors.

I’m curious concerning the design for the character Yulia Niguredo. What do you take into account her interesting facets and what impressed her mushroom hair equipment?

IZUMI: When it involves Yulia, she’s acquired loads of confidence and a defiant character, however she’s additionally fast to leap to conclusions. The approach she will get caught up in all types of mischief due to a misunderstanding however tries to take care of it critically is one in all her cute facets. The motive I gave her a mushroom motif is just because I like mushrooms.


©Tomoki Izumi,MIERUKO-CHAN Partners.

The collection has a powerful monster design group with workers members from reveals like Jujutsu Kaisen and Higurashi. How did you go about assembling this group and what issues did you make because the director?

YUKI OGAWA: I assumed that if a single individual handles the designs, they will find yourself displaying widespread components, so I requested for a number of designers. Monsters do not simply seem in a human-like kind—they take all types of appearances—so I wished distinctive designs that every take a very completely different strategy. I believe that the tip outcome was unbelievable in that regard.

Were there any hurdles or particular issues you needed to undertake to adapt MIERUKO-CHAN into an anime? Initially, the collection began with a considerably easy idea. Was it troublesome to broaden on that concept within the earlier episodes?

OGAWA: Due to restrictions round grotesque expressions like blood and guts, we added an aura over the abdomens of the monsters that had their stomachs reduce open and made it a bit troublesome to see the slashed-up sections. The animators draw every thing all the way down to the finer particulars, so I really feel dangerous for them. Also, provided that the story is premised on persevering with to disregard the monsters, it might change into repetitive if Miko ignored them the identical approach each time. Because of this, we mentioned issues as a gaggle and took a trial-and-error strategy by altering the way in which the monsters seem, the type of presentation, not making them seem whenever you assume they’ll seem, delaying the timing, and so forth.

While the again tales for the ghosts will not be revealed, the monster designs do counsel sure histories. Is there a ghost within the collection the place, based mostly on its design, you may have a sense like “that is how they met their demise?

IZUMI: I be certain that to depart room for the creativeness within the monster designs. It’s a nuance of the Japanese language, however I did not wish to simply limit their existence to so-called yūrei (ghosts), however to attract them as “beings of an unknown nature.” I believe that one of many appeals of the story is that the readers can think about for themselves what sort of beings they’re. What you do not perceive is frightening.

OGAWA: As for monsters which are given an unknown background or gender within the manga, the anime additionally adjusts issues to be related in that regard. That’s as a result of I assumed that should you can determine every thing from a look, then it might reduce the thriller and intrigue, which might additionally make it much less scary. I believe that the concern of what you do not perceive is a vital side of this collection.

©Tomoki Izumi,MIERUKO-CHAN Partners.

Have you ever skilled a supernatural or ghostly expertise, and might you inform us about it?

IZUMI: There’s nothing I may truthfully classify as an expertise, however since I’m a coward I do not go close to scary-looking locations. I’m additionally not very observant in the case of this stuff, so even when I did see one thing I may not even discover.

OGAWA: I’m an enormous scaredy-cat, so even once I assume one thing may very well be off, I ignore it. I’ve by no means checked out something straight-on, so I can simply barely declare that I’ve by no means skilled something…

Is there any horror media (live-action movie, books, comics) that has influenced your work on MIERUKO-CHAN?

IZUMI: MIERUKO-CHAN is not only a horror story but additionally a narrative concerning the ladies’ every day lives with comedy components as properly, so it is exhausting to provide you with particular examples of works that influenced me, however I believe I’ve been influenced by loads of issues. Other than movies and manga, I additionally love wanting on the creature designs in video video games.

OGAWA: Once once more, as a result of I’m an enormous scaredy-cat, I did not watch horror issues as a baby, so I did not significantly take inspiration from that sort of media. Even now, I can not watch horror on my own, so I watch the MIERUKO-CHAN anime with the workers. (laughs)

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