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Now that Fire Emblem Engage is out within the wild, gamers may be questioning “what the hell do I have to do to get some lovin’ around here?” If you’re not combating each battle and if you happen to’re used to different Fire Emblem programs, it may be straightforward to overlook the occasion that enables your toothpaste-haired champion to hook up with one of many homies. I’m right here to assist.

Players conversant in previous Fire Emblems may assume attaining “S” assist rank with a personality provides you with the choice to romance them in Engage. However, there is no such thing as a “S” rank out there within the recreation, which can lead gamers to imagine “romancing” somebody isn’t attainable in any respect. It is, however it works slightly in another way than the way you may anticipate.

Screenshot from Fire Emblem Engage featuring the heavily armored character Vander speaking to the main character Alear
Image: Nintendo
That’s not the one factor scorching I would like on my [SIGNAL LOST].

For starters, the choice to “romance” a companion doesn’t unlock till comparatively late within the recreation. The triggering occasion occurs in a paralogue that turns into out there shortly after the late-game plot twist that leads to Alear changing into an Emblem themself. As you gather the 12 Emblem rings, you’ll discover that some paralogues require that you just battle towards your Emblems to unlock their max bond degree. While you received’t battle towards Alear, finishing their paralogue will internet you the pact ring which you could give to any companion with an “A” rank, thus permitting you to “romance” them.

It’s additionally not fairly a straight-up “romance.” Alear is allowed to “bond” with characters no matter gender, however a few of these bonds shall be romantic whereas others shall be platonic. So whereas it’s attainable for a male Alear to bond with, say, large daddy thiccums Vander, since he’s one of many platonic choices, you’re gonna must rely by yourself headcanon to do the romantic heavy lifting.

I romanced the dancer Seadall, not for any actual attraction (my coronary heart endlessly belongs to Claude Fire Emblem) however as a result of he was the cutest individual I had the very best rank with. Once you give the pact ring to your chosen, they’ll depart you with a pleasant memento on the desk in Alear’s chambers. I obtained a shawl. Seadall likes scarves.

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