Everyone within the forged of How I Met Your Mother brings one thing completely different to the sitcom, however by way of morality, Lily’s conduct is questionable, at greatest. While Barney stays essentially the most controversial character, there have been times when Lily was the worst person in the group.

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Lily has good traits alongside together with her unhealthy ones, and although her coronary heart is normally in the proper place, viewers do not all the time agree together with her selections. Unsurprisingly, followers have typically taken to Reddit to precise their unpopular opinions about Lily and her relationships.

8 Lily Going To San Francisco Wasn’t That Bad

Lily in San Francisco.

No fan of How I Met Your Mother can overlook the gut-wrenching second when Ted discovered Marshall sitting within the rain and holding Lily’s engagement ring. Because Marshall is such a pure and kind-hearted particular person, it is unfathomable why anybody would ever need to damage him.

But a Reddit user argues that, whereas Lily was typically irritating and egocentric, leaving Marshall to go to San Francisco wasn’t as unhealthy because the present made it out to be. They imagine that the storyline really felt fairly natural.

7 Lily Doesn’t Deserve Marshall

Lily and Marshall’s relationship saved the present grounded. There are times that Marshall and Lily were relationship goals in How I Met Your Mother, and so they’re the one couple that almost all followers appear to agree on. But a Reddit user believes that Lily would not deserve Marshall, and, in recent times, it is beginning to turn out to be much less of an unpopular opinion.

They give some in-depth examples to additional their argument and declare that Lily is self-centered, impulsive, and would not take into consideration the results of her actions. Marshall, nonetheless, is all the time making an attempt to make his buddies pleased and make up for Lily’s egocentric tendencies.

6 Lily Was Selfish And Childish

This really is not a really unpopular opinion, as there have been a number of times when Lily was the most immature person in the group in How I Met Your Mother. A Reddit user admits that they hated Lily for almost all of the present.

After the second season, they received bored with her and felt like her jokes had been too performed out. They use Lily’s buying dependancy and bank card debt, which she by no means advised her fiancée about, for instance of how childish she might be.

5 Lily Is Likable

There are plenty of combined emotions about Lily, and a Reddit user expresses the unpopular opinion that she’s really very likable. They acknowledge that Lily has her downfalls, however level out that she’s a loving buddy, spouse, and mom.

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Lily put her goals on maintain to help Marshall whereas he was in legislation faculty, regardless of her bank card debt. The consumer claims that Lily proved her love for Marshall after Jenkins kissed him, and she or he has developed all through the sequence.

4 Lily Cares More About Her Own Dreams Than Marshall’s

Lily and Marshall fight in How I Met Your Mother

Marshall and Lily are considered a supportive couple by many, however a Reddit user feels the alternative. The pair received right into a struggle over who’s the reacher and who’s the settler of their relationship, and so they had been annoyed that Lily thought of herself the latter.

Marshall would’ve turn out to be an environmental lawyer rather a lot sooner if it hadn’t been for Lily and her bank card debt, and the fan feels that Lily put her goals earlier than Marshall’s. They declare that Marshall is all the time sincere with Lily, however Lily is not sincere with him.

3 Lily Had Character Development

Lily celebrates Christman inside her second apartment

While she’s nonetheless their least favourite character, a Reddit user factors out that Lily went by means of some main modifications all through the sequence. Because Lily is so egocentric, she all the time runs away from her issues, like when she went to San Francisco. Yet, when she and Marshall are about to maneuver to Italy within the ultimate season, she tells him they need to keep.

On one other event, she confesses to Ted that she needs she wasn’t a mother. But Lily would not run away from her tasks like she needs to, and as an alternative simply opens up and admits her faults.

2 Lily Gets Too Much Hate

A lot of viewers hate on Lily, and a Reddit user feels prefer it’s all a bit extreme. She is flawed, however so is the remainder of the gang. There are loads of unpopular opinions about Barney as nicely, and the consumer feels that he was a lot worse than Lily.

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Lily tries to do the proper factor and she or he’s all the time well-intentioned. Every transfer she makes is what she believes is in the very best curiosity of her buddies. Lily is a vital member of the gang and she or he’s there for a motive.

1 Lily And Barney Would Have Been A Good Couple

Barney and Lily develop nearer throughout the first few seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and Lily turns into his confidant. A Reddit user believes that if Lily had by no means met Marshall, she and Barney may make a good couple.

They’re each scheming, followers of kinky issues, and are not afraid to name one another out with the intention to assist them develop. The consumer additionally argues that Lily is the one character who sees by means of Barney’s lies, and he is extra open together with her than anybody else.

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