How I Met Your Father‘s season 1 finale noticed a fleeting romance between Sophie and Jesse and the shock return of Ian within the ultimate moments, which is able to certainly hold followers guessing and theorizing in regards to the identification of the title character, simply as How I Met Your Mother did. But as future Sophie remembers the small print of her life through the time that she met her son’s father, together with all the males she crossed paths with, there are some issues that do not add up.

Whether it is the occasion of the current day or Sophie’s recollections of issues that occurred previously, not all the pieces is logical. Some of this could possibly be intentional, however a number of issues merely do not make any sense throughout the plot of the present.


British Character With No U.S. Passport

Charlie and Valentina hugging on How I Met Your Father

It appears most unlikely that Charlie would have been capable of merely determine to remain in New York with no U.S. passport or any sort of labor visa. Meanwhile, he started working at Sid’s bar, which might not be doable both with out correct papers — although Sid did allude to the truth that he appeared the opposite method to permit Charlie to work for him.

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Nonetheless, except there is a storyline developing whereby Charlie faces potential deportation or really information for citizenship, the storyline of him deciding to upend his life on a whim with out going by the right channels to make sure citizenship, settling in with a brand new house, pals, and job, appears far-fetched.

Wouldn’t Her Son Know His Father’s Career Path?

The varied males Sophie meets and dates on the present have very outlined and totally different profession paths. Ian is a marine biologist, Drew is a faculty vice principal, Sid owns a bar, and Jesse is an aspiring musician.

They every have very distinct personalities as effectively. So, except his father utterly shifted careers and by no means spoke of the trail he took in his twenties, it is senseless that the son could be unable to immediately work out which of the lads she was describing was his father. The solely doable approach could be if the daddy deserted the household or handed away and he or she by no means spoke of him prior. Whatever the marital standing, one of many huge questions fans need answered in HIMYF season 2 is who the daddy is.

They Became Such Fast Friends

The cast from How I Met Your Father sitting around the bar, cheering with their glasses.

It’s true that individuals can immediately click on and turn into pals, however the two teams appeared to meld so shortly and acted as if they’d identified one another for years inside what appeared to be a matter of weeks. At least with How I Met Your Mother, Ted, Marshall, and Lily had identified each other since faculty, and solely Barney and Robin slowly labored their approach into the group.

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Here, it is like two very distinct teams, Sophie and Valentina and Jesse and Sid, acted as if they’d been pals perpetually. It appeared like they started to organically hang around on a regular basis, make assumptions that they might be doing so, and share so many intimate particulars with each other in an unrealistic timeframe.

Sophie’s Job

Sophie aiming her camera in a scene from How I Met Your Father.

As an aspiring photographer, Sophie couldn’t have been making a lot cash — but she might afford a two-bedroom New York City house together with her good friend within the 2020s. Also, Sophie had some great outfits on HIMYF that did not seem like thrift retailer buys. Given that she did not talk a lot together with her mom and had no relationship together with her father, the place did she get the cash? She did work the odd occasion and wedding ceremony, and people images jobs might be profitable, but it surely appeared she did not work sufficient to maintain herself afloat.

It’s doable Valentina paid many of the hire, however even her job was pretty entry-level. So it is unlikely she might afford it both, given NYC’s present-day hire costs.

Jesse And Sid’s Apartment

Jesse and Sid from How I Met Your Father sitting together playing video games in their apartment.

Likewise, how can Jesse and Sid afford their spacious house when one is a struggling musician driving a ride-share to make ends meet and the opposite owns a bar that he admits persistently loses cash?

What’s extra, contemplating the house is similar one Ted lived in again within the day, it means Jesse and Sid moved in throughout a time when hire and buy costs have been skyrocketing. Sid did point out in passing that they received an awesome deal from an “old couple,” noting that “It was a total score. We got it from this old married couple who posted it on the Wesleyan alumni group. We even got them to leave their swords.”  Still, even a rating at a time after they would have rented would have been astronomical for 2 guys with out steady jobs. It nonetheless appears unlikely they may afford that house with out assist.

Sophie’s Tooth Incident

Sophie at her weekend getaway with Drew on How I Met Your Father

Not solely did Sophie find yourself shedding a tooth instantly in a single episode, however there was additionally no blood or swelling on her face. She discovered a dentist to repair it that very same evening, then managed to bypass everybody in line to get within the chair. Even with connections, a ready room full of individuals wouldn’t have been so calm watching a younger lady stroll proper in and leap the road.

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What’s extra, she was out and in pretty shortly, capable of attend an occasion the identical evening when fixing a totally damaged tooth could be a reasonably lengthy, to not point out expensive, process. Even if the physician did shoddy work, as Jesse implied, it was a very unlikely situation.

The Photo Of Jesse

Jesse from How I Met Your Father leaning over the car wearing a suit.

While Sophie is speaking to her son on a display sooner or later, discussing how she got here to take the photograph of Jesse fixing the automotive in a swimsuit, which ended up being one she bought on the artwork present to the rich purchaser, there’s one thing unusual. The exact same photograph, or at the very least a replica of it, is hanging on the wall behind her.

If that was the daddy, would not her son know? If not, he would immediately be capable to rule out that Jesse, the younger man depicted within the photograph hanging in his mom’s home, shouldn’t be his father. The presence of the photograph in her dwelling many years later confuses issues.

Sid And Hannah Not Knowing How Much A Wedding Would Cost

Sid and Hannah from How I Met Your Father sitting together in a bar, talking to a wedding planner.

Sid and Hannah are each extraordinarily clever individuals, but after they met with a marriage planner to debate their two weddings, they appeared shocked at what all the pieces would value. When Sid expressed disbelief, Hannah questioned him as to why he did not understand how costly it might be.

Except, if she realized how costly it might be herself, and knew neither of them had the cash with Sid working a struggling bar and her doing her fellowship, why would not she have nixed that possibility straight away? Sure, it could be preliminary pleasure, however they clearly received so far as the marriage planning part earlier than realizing the massive cash points. It’s no shock that one of the vital widespread Redditor plot theories about HIMYF is that Sid and Hannah will get divorced.

Why Not MacLaren’s?

How I Met Your Father Robin Scherbatsky Cobie Smulders

Jesse, one of many most likable characters on HIMYF, lived in the identical house Ted lived in on How I Met Your Mother, which was famously proper above MacLaren’s Pub. Yet it appeared they by no means hung on the market. Naturally, it is sensible that they might go to Sid’s bar as an alternative to assist his enterprise, however when Sophie visited MacLaren’s within the season finale, she acted as if she had by no means been there.

Surely in some unspecified time in the future when she was visiting Jesse and Sid, or the entire gang was hanging out, they might have gone all the way down to the pub for a drink. The proximity to the place they reside made it appear odd that it wasn’t at the very least a second-favorite hangout spot for the crew.

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