Gotham Knights playable Nightwing has just a few notable variations from his earlier online game depiction within the Batman: Arkham sequence. Despite the similarities between the franchises, Batman: Arkham and Gotham Knights exists in separate universes, that means every model of Nightwing has been formed by a distinct set of occasions.

Nightwing is the superhero alter ego of Dick Grayson, who was beforehand Batman’s first Robin. Dick was raised in a touring circus by his mother and father, the Flying Graysons, earlier than they have been murdered by an murderer named Tony Zucco. Having witnessed the tragedy, Bruce Wayne adopted Dick and skilled him as Robin. Though their relationship continuously suffered from miscommunication, Bruce supposed to assist Dick conquer his trauma and turn out to be higher than himself. Dick ultimately went from being Batman’s sidekick to his personal hero.

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Gotham Knights takes place after Batman’s death, leaving Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin to guard Gotham in his wake. Their primary adversary is the Court of Owls, a secretive group which will have one thing to do with Batman’s demise. Each character in Gotham Knights makes use of a novel fight playstyle, combining Batman’s teachings with specialised strengths and devices. Nightwing takes on the function of chief, however within the Arkhamverse, he was extra of a lone wolf.

Batman: Arkham’s Nightwing Moved To A New City, But Knights’ Is In Gotham

Nightwing Standing In The Shadows - Batman Arkham Knight

The Batman: Arkham video games confirmed chapters all through Batman’s profession as a vigilante, exploring his beginnings in Batman: Arkham Origins and main threats in Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight. Unfortunately, the Robins solely appeared sporadically all through the franchise, with Dick Grayson solely featured as Robin in Arkham Origins’ multiplayer mode. By the time of Arkham Asylum, he’d grown older, secured his independence, and tailored his personal crimefighting id as Nightwing. He moved his vigilante operations to the town of Bludhaven, although he sometimes returned to Gotham City to help Batman with pressing threats. Following Batman: Arkham Knight’s conclusion, Nightwing utterly resigned from Gotham’s protection and entrusted the city to Red Hood and Robin.

In Gotham Knights, it seems Nightwing’s actions in Gotham City are removed from over. This Nightwing values “close personal bonds,” in line with the Gotham Knights web site, and is probably the most optimistic and charismatic member of the Batfamily, so it additionally appears unlikely he deserted Bludhaven in favor of Gotham. As such, Gotham Knights’ Nightwing possible by no means utterly left Batman’s shadow till his demise and now should declare the mantle to guard his metropolis. While this can be dangerous information for Bludhaven, Gotham City can now take pleasure in a way more carefree guardian than the broody Bat.

Gotham Knights’ Nightwing Is The Batfamily’s Leader, While Arkham’s Was Batman

Gotham Knights Nightwing Character

Official Gotham Knights info describes Nightwing as the leader of the playable character roster, so he possible holds accountability for the workforce’s actions and techniques. While their cooperation in Gotham Knights in all probability isn’t the primary time these characters have labored collectively in-universe, Nightwing’s management is assuredly far totally different from Batman’s. Batman’s no-nonsense perspective and lack of emotional connections served him effectively in subduing Gotham’s crime movement, whereas Nightwing’s compassionate nature may make for a extra welcoming workforce of heroes. Still, this management function will possible result in new challenges for Dick Grayson, so Gotham Knights presents a unique story opportunity that Batman: Arkham may by no means discover.

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Given that gamers primarily performed as Batman within the Arkhamverse, Nightwing was by no means capable of develop into his personal. There have been a variety of Batfamily members current within the Arkham video games, however their relationships have been largely restricted to Batman’s presence. Their storylines typically came about offscreen, stopping gamers from seeing many interactions between Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Oracle.

Batman: Arkham Explored Nightwing As Robin, But Gotham Knights Already Has One

Batman Arkham Robin and Nightwing

Though restricted to Origins’ multiplayer and varied conversations with Batman, Batman: Arkham’s universe explored an period the place Dick Grayson occupied the function of Robin. Players may expertise a playable model of Dick as Robin, and interactions between Nightwing and Batman revealed the depth of their relationship. With Tim Drake now donning the yellow cape and Batman lifeless, Gotham Knights likely won’t let players explore Nightwing’s former sidekick id. Batman’s legacy and potential flashbacks may see the heroes proceed develop nearer to their deceased mentor, however Gotham Knights’ story focuses on Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin collectively, that means who they have been earlier than could not maintain a lot significance to present occasions.

Gotham Knights Could Show Nightwing’s Court Of Owls Connections, Unlike The Arkhamverse

Gotham Knights Court Of Owls BTS

In the comics, the mysterious Court of Owls held a selected curiosity in Dick Grayson, believing him to be the prophesied Gray Son of Gotham. Not solely that, however Dick’s grandfather, William Cobb, is among the Court’s primary Talon brokers. Unfortunately, the Court by no means had an actual presence within the Arkhamverse, nor did it ever pose a big menace to Batman. As a consequence, Nightwing may by no means absolutely discover his connection to Gotham’s villainous secret society. Gotham Knights’ main villain is the Court, in the meantime, so it is certain to have some sort of particular interactions with Dick. Whether William will seem is unknown, however the potential for Nightwing’s connections is there.

Over the years, characters like Red Hood, Nightwing, and different members of the Batfamily have developed excessive reputation. The Batman: Arkham video games as an alternative targeted purely on the adventures and character of Batman, however Gotham Knights provides his proteges a second to shine.

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Gotham Knights is scheduled to release in 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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