J.Okay. Simmons is reportedly in talks to return to the function of Jim Gordon in Batgirl, which may have some main implications for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

News that J.Okay. Simmons could return to the DCEU Jim Gordon has attention-grabbing implications in regards to the Batgirl film on HBO Max and adjustments what we find out about Ben Affleck’s Batman. J.Okay. Simmons’ first look as Jim Gordon within the DCEU wasn’t till Justice League, however if he is enjoying the daddy of Barbara Gordon, that creates an apparent historical past with Ben Affleck’s Batman, which means Batgirl’s presence within the DCEU may have numerous implications for the way we see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Affleck’s Batman’s backstory.

By the time of Batman v Superman, Batman has been working in Gotham for round 20 years and has an extended implied historical past combating crime, together with supervillains like Joker, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Killer Croc, and extra. Robin’s costume within the Batcave reveals us there was a Robin (Snyder confirmed Affleck’s Robin was Dick Grayson), and he was killed by Joker. We do not know of some other allies Batman had earlier than Justice League, however an early trailer for Justice League (when Zack Snyder was nonetheless directing) had Gordon say “it’s good to see you playing well with others again;” nonetheless, Joss Whedon’s theatrical minimize of Justice League oddly eliminated the “again” from the road, so it isn’t clear if Jim Gordon was conscious of Batman having any earlier allies (or if he had some other than Robin), after which the second was solely absent from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. So, whereas the existence of Batgirl throughout this time definitely would not be a contradiction of any established canon (no matter which version Justice League is treated as canon), it will nonetheless be one thing new added to the lore, altering what we find out about Ben Affleck’s Batman.

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Granted, Batgirl may additionally set the character’s origins after the occasions of Justice League, which means no current lore is altered, and it additionally exists after the hopeful flip seen in Batman in Justice League (it occurs in each variations of the film, but it surely’s much more pronounced within the Snyder Cut), which might be an amazing context for a personality like Batgirl, as he’d be a a lot better mentor than he was in his extra cynical, violent days resulting in Batman v Superman. It’s attention-grabbing to notice that Joe Manganiello revealed Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie was supposed to include Batgirl, and Snyder mentioned he had plans for her to exchange Batman after his demise, but it surely’s not clear how seasoned of a criminal offense fighter she would have been or the place the Snyder/Affleck timeline positioned her origin. Batgirl actor Leslie Grace is 26, so relying on the place Batgirl suits within the timeline, it may work any variety of methods.

Batgirl Movie Leslie Grace costume fan art

The different attention-grabbing factor about this information is it was beforehand reported that Michael Keaton’s Batman would possibly mentor Batgirl. WB’s DC plans have been in fixed flux for the previous 5 years, so it is exhausting to know if it is a change in plans resulting from Affleck’s willingness to return in The Flash, or if it performs into the preliminary stories that The Flash would possibly use the multiverse to have Keaton replace Affleck as the DCEU’s Batman, through which case he can be Batman alongside J.Okay. Simmons’ Jim Gordon, which might be bizarre given Michael Keaton is 3 years older than J.Okay. Simmons. But if the thought of Keaton time-hopping between universes additionally acknowledges he is that a lot older than Affleck’s Batman, then it might not be a difficulty, although nonetheless an odd dynamic between the Commissioner and Batman.

Clearly, the return of J.Okay. Simmons has a variety of attention-grabbing implications for Batgirl and the bigger DCEU (and probably Snyderverse) canon, though with so many issues nonetheless up within the air and Warner Bros. penchant for altering their plans, it is exhausting to find out precisely what it means simply but. Either means, Batgirl probably including J.Okay. Simmons all of the sudden makes it one of the vital attention-grabbing upcoming DC films.

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