Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for House of the Dragon Episode 7 AheadHouse of the Dragon options many components that made Game of Thrones so profitable earlier than it, together with a personality who appears to know all the things about everybody. Larys Strong, performed by Matthew Needham, has been the supply of a ton of chaos via the primary seven episodes of House of the Dragon. His character is accountable for the assassination of his personal father and brother, permitting him to ascend to Lord of Harrenhal whereas aligning himself with Olivia Cooke’s Alicent Hightower character.

Larys Strong has always been scheming since his character was first launched; nonetheless, we, the viewers, are unaware of his finish aim. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matthew Needham discusses his character’s motivations whereas alluding that he does, in reality, have a grasp plan.


“I think he’s got a plan. I think he’s got a direction. I think you can’t be just enigmatic for enigmatic’s sake, just lounging around smoking with nowhere to go. That’d be awful. No, I think he’s got something he’s trying to achieve. They’ve created this incredible character, this man who acts on the world and makes things happen despite looking like he couldn’t hurt a fly. I think he knows where he wants to go. I think he’s got plans, and he’s had, well, all his life to come up with them. So he’s prepared.”

Of course, followers might have to attend till the eventual second season or longer to see what Larys Strong is plotting, because the character is clearly taking part in a protracted sport to achieve energy.

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Matthew Needham Recognizes the Littlefinger and Varys Comparisons

Petyr Baelish, referred to as Littlefinger, was an ever-present mysterious character all through Game of Thrones. Varys, the grasp of whispers, was just like Baelish, as they each had been identified for having an unlimited quantity of spies in Westeros and the lands past. Matthew Needham acknowledges the similarities between his characters and people within the preliminary collection and sees how Larys might be a mashup between Littlefinger and Varys.

“That’s not an accident, is it?” Needham says to EW relating to the similarities. “George R.R. Martin is an extraordinarily intelligent man. I don’t think he would make a mistake like that. That’s a very purposeful thing, so ignore it at your peril,” he explains. “I do think it’s a mixture of Varys and Littlefinger, but I also think they’re three remarkably different people.” Needham continues, “But they share a sot of murky underworld of the mind. [Varys actor] Conleth Hill is actually one of the reasons I’m an actor. I saw him in loads of plays growing up and just thought he was absolutely magic. So I owe Conleth Hill a lot, actually.”

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Littlefinger and Varys had very attention-grabbing but fairly totally different character arcs throughout their time on Game of Thrones. Fans are hoping for one thing related with Larys Strong, which we’ll most definitely see over the subsequent few seasons of House of the Dragon. Fans can tune into the brand new spinoff collection, premiering on HBO and HBO Max each Sunday at 9 pm E.T.

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