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Warning: This article accommodates spoilers for episode considered one of House of the Dragon

The time has lastly come: House of the Dragon, the prequel collection to Game of Thrones, has lastly landed on HBO Max, and the web has been set ablaze.

The premiere episode of the season took us straight into the messiness of House Targaryen, and in case you haven’t seen it, the stakes have already been set and so they’re sky-high. This is your second warning: spoilers lie forward.

We meet King Viserys I who’s making an attempt for a son with queen consort Aemma Aeryn who can turn out to be the inheritor to the Iron Throne. Their daughter, Rhaenyra, is ineligible to be an inheritor as a result of her gender. Westeros gonna Westeros, I assume.

Aeryn is closely pregnant all through the premiere and proceeds to enter labor through the episode’s climax. Viserys, who’s attending a tourney together with Rhaenyra, Sir Otto Hightower, his daughter Alicent, Rhaenys Targaryen, and Lord Corlys Velaryon, leaves to be by Aeryn’s facet when he’s advised that she is having issues. Soon after, Viserys is given an ultimatum: have what is basically a cesarian or C-section carried out on Aeryn, which might kill her as a result of blood loss however save the newborn, or persist in giving pure beginning, possible killing them each.

Viserys, discovering out that the newborn is a boy, opts for the medical process to be carried out on Aeryn, and it proves to be a grotesque, visceral, and distressing watch. The scene is interlaced with scenes of the duels happening on the tourney, making for an absolute overload of blood on each the mattress and the battlefield.

The process was in the end fruitless, although, because the boy, Prince Baelon, died a day after his mom. The graphic nature of the scene, in addition to the emotional weight it carries because of its well timed commentary on what occurs when males select what ladies do with their our bodies, has led viewers to dub it considered one of, if not essentially the most, intense scene in all of Game of Thrones historical past.

You can catch the primary episode of House of the Dragon now on HBO Max.

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