“We are working on resolving this issue, so there aren’t any misunderstandings between both parties.”

Hook Entertainment acknowledged that that they had acquired a request from their company’s actor, Lee Seung Gi, to supply him with a full and clear accounting report of the star’s promotions.

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Lee Seung Gi | Sports Kyung Hyang

On November 18, the label launched an announcement through which they acknowledged that that they had acquired the request from the star.

We wish to reply to studies that our artist Lee Seung Gi has requested for accounting information. We have acquired the request and are analyzing our (accounting) and making ready our response. We are engaged on resolving this difficulty, so there aren’t any misunderstandings between each events.

— Hook Entertainment

Hook Entertainment then addressed the allegations surrounding the company, stating that they’re conscious of them however aren’t capable of converse on them as a result of seriousness of the character of the allegations.

Also, we wish to apologize for not responding to the numerous articles relating to a collection of allegations, surrounding Hook Entertainment. Due to the seriousness of the allegations we’re not capable of reply right now. Once the scenario has been mediated to some extent, we’ll reply via an official press release.

— Hook Entertainment

Previously we reported that the singer/actor made the request amid allegations that the company would quickly face embezzlement prices.

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Police Agents raiding Hook Entertainment |

The allegations stem from a Dispatch exposé, through which the article alleges the label’s ties with Park Min Young‘s former boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun. Park Min Young is also signed to the label.

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Park Min Young at an event on November 17 | Wikitree

Following the Dispatch article, several of the businesses that were alleged to have ties with the controversial figure were raided by police agents, including Hook Entertainment. The raid has sparked further allegations of embezzlement, and the agency has been implicated in a larger investigation into Kang Jong Hyun’s enterprise dealings.

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