Players are in a position to retailer their House tokens in Hogwarts Legacy by way of the House Chest, which they’ll unlock by discovering a key hidden within the fortress.

Being sorted right into a House in Hogwarts Legacy leads gamers to their residing quarters throughout the iconic fortress, the place they’ll spot a House Chest that they are able to unlock by way of sufficient exploration. Located in the home dorm room, the House Chest shops tokens related to the participant’s home and offers an unique cloak with that home’s emblem as a reward for opening it. Unfortunately, regardless of the benefit at which this container first seems, gamers must monitor down a number of objects referred to as Daedalian Keys round Hogwarts to achieve the advantages supplied.


There are 16 Daedalian Keys scattered all through Hogwarts, seen by the participant after their first couple of classes when a scholar factors out these floating keys that journey in direction of a selected cupboard. Completing a fast mini-game at any of the cupboards these keys result in provides gamers a home emblem, which helps unlock the House Chest if all sixteen emblems are collected. Unfortunately, many of those sections the place cupboards are discovered don’t confide in the participant till some progress has been made by way of the primary story. Therefore, gamers might should return to this activity periodically as they uncover new locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Daedalian Key Locations For Unlocking The House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Cabinet and Flying Key Mini-Game that Gives Players House Emblems to Unlock House Chest

Key Location

Where to Find Cabinet

Astronomy Tower

Simply comply with the search marker from the important thing to the Astronomy classroom.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower

Down the corridor from the classroom, downstairs close to an enormous skeletal creature displayed.

Central Hall

Close to the hallway resulting in the Potions classroom, proper beside a puzzle door.

North Hall

Right close to the globe previous the Transfiguration Courtyard, the place the important thing results in the cupboard up a following set of stairs.

Quad Courtyard

Players can see this cupboard close to a Levioso statue on the west facet of stairs main from the courtyard.


To the precise of the back-facing wall of the realm close to some benches.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s Potion’s Classroom

The key takes gamers to the basement part of this space, main on to the cupboard.

Great Hall

Taking two rights previous the primary entrance results in a set of stairs, the place the cupboard may be seen on the prime.

Grand Staircase

At the underside of the staircase, up one other set of stairs situated previous the hourglass that tracks home factors.

Entrance Hall

The key discovered between the Great Hall and Main Courtyard leads gamers to the massive Hogwarts Crest, then down some stairs to the subsequent cupboard.

(1) Hogwarts Legacy‘s Slytherin House Dungeons

The first dungeon cupboard have to be discovered by way of a door on the backside of the North Hall stairs. Taking a left on the entrance sees the cupboard close to a sleeping dragon statue.

(2) Dungeons

Past the primary cupboard within the dungeons results in a storage room, the place gamers can take a left to see the subsequent cupboard in the back of the realm.

Clock Tower

Through a locked door the place the dueling membership gathers, stairs lead gamers to the cupboard, which continues towards the important thing.

Faculty Tower

The cupboard sits beneath a staircase in entrance of the primary door, whereas the important thing stays on the higher ranges.

Viaduct Entrance

Past the Floo Flame lies a set of stairs previous Central Hall, the place gamers can monitor down one other cupboard on their left and the important thing additional upward to the precise.

As of this time of writing, the ultimate sixteenth key has not been discovered, as a number of of the ultimate areas are locked off with out upgrades to the Alohamora spell to entry restricted areas. While it could take some time to beat Hogwarts Legacy‘s important story, gamers have loads of alternatives to broaden their search as they achieve new upgrades to gear and new spells which may help of their exploration. Once each Daedalian cupboard opens, gamers should solely journey again to the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock it and gather their earnings.

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