The actor says this it was simpler to slide into this lockdown as we had achieved it earlier than and bought used to it. “We are all waiting for the lockdown to end so we can get back to work. Vaccination is the only way out.”

PUBLISHED ON MAY 22, 2021 06:50 PM IST

The present Covid-19 state of affairs and the lockdown reminds Hiten Tejwani of final 12 months. He says the lockdown final 12 months taught us quite a bit and so it was simpler to slide into the second lockdown this 12 months. “It doesn’t feel any different. We are all waiting for the lockdown to end, so we can get back to work. Everyone is fed up by now. We all want to go back to our routines but it is easier said that done. It will take time. As the number of cases are high, vaccination is the only way out,” says the actor, who has bought only one dose but.

No vaccine for teenagers is one other concern for Tejwani, who’s has two 11-year-old youngsters. He is worried about their well-being as they’ve been with out peer or social interplay for final 18 months. “It has been too long for them. Maybe they have forgotten how their school looks like (laughs). But I have to say that they have adapted well with online studies and exams. The best part perhaps is that we all have been able to spend quality time together at home. They have a routine of studying, playing etc.,” he states.

His mantra of staying optimistic in these troubled instances and never letting issues have an effect on him is to be chilled out. “Every day seems the same. But one can’t do anything about it. We have to hang in there. We try to remain relaxed and happy. After the unlock last year, everyone was hopeful but things took a bad turn with the second wave. Now at least, I think everyone has understood that they have to be vaccinated come what may. Sure, there seems to be a shortage and people are struggling to get slots. Different vaccines are out there and everyone needs to do their own research and get it. Slowly we will know how long antibodies will last,” says Tejwani, who was capturing in Jabalpur, when the second lockdown was introduced and he returned to Mumbai.



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