I’m not in a mind-set to talk. The extra you consider it, the extra it pains,” says Hina Khan, speaking about her dad passing away final month resulting from cardiac arrest. “I don’t feel like doing anything or interacting with anyone. I will take time and I want to take that time, though some work commitments can’t be deferred.” She has been away from work since nearly a month and lately had a music video release.

Last few weeks have been powerful on Khan, who not solely misplaced her father but in addition had Covid-19. She was in isolation at house which she admits affected her. Talking about what saved her getting into these powerful occasions, she says, “I’ve been a strong person and know my responsibilities and priorities. I know what my father would have done. My biggest priority now is my mother. My mum is heartbroken but she is trying. My parents were a wonderful couple and it’s because of them that I believe in the institution of marriage. I have seen their quarrelling, companionship and their love for each other. I have always prayed that if I have a husband, I would like to have one like my father. He was perfect in every way.”

Though she had a troublesome time with Covid, Khan sees the silver lining within the state of affairs. She explains, “Covid was tough. I was scared, panicked and would get panic attacks. My heart rate would shoot up. I was in a bad shape. Somewhere, I felt everything happens for her reason as my illness distracted my mother and helped her cope. I couldn’t see her as I was in isolation but she was on her toes taking care of me.”

Due to her isolation, Khan feels she may perceive what different Covid-19 sufferers undergo in hospitals. In reality, she reveals, her physician requested her to not watch any Covid associated information. “More than Covid, people are losing their lives out of fear. So many aren’t dying of Covid but of heart attack. Every second home is affected. Being in isolation is the worst thing to happen to someone in Covid as you have no one for company, to talk to or help you during panic attacks. I understand it is needed that people aren’t allowed in Covid wards and ICU but wohi bacha bhi raha hai, par uska bad effect bhi hai. During my isolation, I was on video calls all the time and there were people who kept me sane. Otherwise, aap pagal ho jaoge. Only when it happens to you, do you relate to a situation on another level. I pray for people in isolation that may God give them strength,” she says.

With so many celebs making an attempt to assist out in any and each potential manner, which is commendable feels Khan. Seeing the compassion of individuals, experiencing it first hand, as many individuals she didn’t personally know reached out to her, which overwhelmed her. “We don’t have the infrastructure and are a hugely populated country. But we are all trying to help someone and that will help, I feel. People are doing so much and giving a helping hand to each other. It is shockin and amazing. Hats off to them. But why do we show compassion only in worst situations. I hope we continue to show them in normal times too?”

Her newest music video, Patthar Wargi is out now. It is a B Praak composition, which was “shot long ago”, says Hina. “My dad had heard and loved the song and I feel, as though he has blessed the song as it released on Eid. I know my dad is around and is blessing me. The song is sung by B Praak and has lyrics by Jaani and both of them are well known for their craft. I was sure of this project and I was interested in doing it. Finally it has released and I hope it does well. The song was supposed to be released on May 3 but the music company were cooperative and postponed it by two weeks. The release was pushed to May 14 on Eid. I decided to put work first though it is not easy and some work commitments can’t be deferred. For work, I had to do that. B Praak is such a lovely human being and I have been his fan.”

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