Flynn is a Tank character with low mana regeneration in HEROish, and he can use melee strikes, spells, and troop summoning to defeat his opponents.

Flynn is the primary character that is unlocked in each the marketing campaign and multiplayer modes in HEROish. As a Tank, Flynn has a really excessive protection stat, in addition to a considerable amount of well being. However, this hero additionally has one of many lowest Mana regeneration charges and a median assault stat. In order to win matches, gamers will want to verify they use troops and assaults with a comparatively low Mana value. Otherwise, Flynn’s troops could also be too scarce to be efficient.

Every hero has a default deck to make use of when gamers first begin out, whether or not they’re taking part in the marketing campaign or challenging friends in multiplayer mode. In the marketing campaign, new playing cards are unlocked by taking part in the principle story missions. For multiplayer mode, gamers might want to degree up with the intention to unlock playing cards. Additionally, it would not matter which hero is being utilized in multiplayer as a result of the extent applies to the participant, not the character. At degree 20, all accessible playing cards for each hero shall be unlocked in multiplayer mode.


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Only 12 playing cards may be added to a deck, however every hero has between 39 and 45 playing cards to select from. Although there are a number of decisions when constructing a deck, the entire playing cards have duplicates in HEROish. Some troops are extra highly effective in teams, so including a number of iterations of the identical card may be helpful relying on the hero. For Flynn, constructing the perfect deck for the marketing campaign will get simpler because the story progresses and extra playing cards are unlocked. However, there are a couple of extra issues to think about when constructing a deck within the game’s multiplayer mode.

Best Flynn Deck For Multiplayer In HEROish

HEROish Flynn Guide Best Deck Builds & Upgrades Deck Editor

The greatest manner to make sure victory is to create a balanced deck with some selection in troops and assaults. For Flynn, the Mana value for every card wants to stay comparatively low. Using high-cost troops will doubtless lead to having solely a few allies on the sphere at a time, and it’ll take a number of ready round to build up the mandatory Mana. Instead, Flynn can concentrate on creating a big military with a couple of smaller troops, and including some particular assaults ought to make it straightforward to win a match in HEROish. Upgrading the smaller troops first, like Pikeman and Shortbow, will make it simpler to rapidly change into a strong hero. Upgrades may have an effect on Vega as a result of she has a few of the identical playing cards as Flynn, so leveling up the shared troops is extra helpful.

  • Pikeman (x2): Costs 4 Mana to summon
  • Bomb Cart (x1): Costs six Mana to summon
  • Charge (x1): Costs six Mana to make use of
  • Guard (x1): Costs six Mana to summon
  • Shortbow (x2): Costs six Mana to summon
  • Cleric (x1): Costs 10 Mana to summon
  • Hammer Throw (x1): Costs 10 Mana to make use of
  • Sorcerer (x1): Costs 10 Mana to summon
  • Griffin Rider (x2): Costs 13 Mana to summon

There is room for some variation relying on every particular person’s playstyle. For people who want a stronger protection, playing cards like Hammer Throw, Sorcerer, and Charge may be changed with Healing Wave, Dragoon, or extra Guards and Clerics. At least half of the deck ought to encompass troops with excessive assault stats, however gamers can strive a couple of different playing cards out to create the best possible deck build. The multiplayer mode has a 1v1 AI battle choice, which is nice for making an attempt out completely different playing cards for Flynn’s deck in HEROish.

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HEROish is accessible on iOS Apple Arcade.

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