TWICE‘s resident fundamental dancer Momo is usually praised by her members for her unbelievable dance expertise, however naturally, additionally they respect who she is as an individual!

In a previous radio present look, the ladies had been requested to call a member who admirably does issues till the top, and so they unanimously picked Momo.

Chaeyoung defined that it particularly reveals at any time when they follow one in every of their songs: “When she practices, she is really hardworking.

According to Nayeon, Momo doesn’t cease working towards till she nails every little thing.

She practices till she will be able to do it.

— Nayeon

Jeongyeon hilariously joked that even sleepiness doesn’t cease Momo from giving her all!

Even if she’s sleepy, she does all of it the way in which, too…by sleeping.

— Jeongyeon

Mina added that it’s not solely in follow when Momo does her greatest. Adorably, it even consists of consuming! “Also when she is eating she does her best.

When requested what she thinks of their phrases, Momo revealed that she agrees with them, implying that it wasn’t one thing she had thought of earlier than, “Now that I think about it, it’s pretty true?

Jihyo ended by praising Momo and calling her “very cool.

Even if Momo is of course gifted, she nonetheless does her greatest in every little thing—and that’s what makes her a drive to be reckoned with!

Get to know extra about Momo and TWICE within the full interview under.

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