Video recreation streamers, dermatologists, and extra!

In a latest interview with Esquire, TXT simply shared what careers they’d have pursued in the event that they didn’t find yourself as K-Pop idols. From video video games to particular areas of research, their solutions ranged as a lot as their personalities!

Taehyun revealed the specifics: He would have been “the best dermatologist in Apgujeon!”

Though he doesn’t have any present pursuits in dermatology, he would have studied his strategy to the highest.

Huening Kai has identified he’s at all times wished to be a report. Perhaps he would have been the interviewer as a substitute of the interviewee!

Since I at all times wished to be a reporter, I might’ve develop into a reporter working for the Esquire! *Laughs*

— Huening Kai

Meanwhile, Beomgyu has a number of choices: According to the members, he would have been artistst.

Soobin: “He must be an art student.”

Taehyun: “He’s a very skilled artist.”

Huening Kai: “Yeah, he’s good with his hands.”

However, Beomgyu had his personal plans in thoughts — He would like to be a online game streamer! The members admit they’d subscribe to him immediately.

Beomgyu’s recreation of selection is League of Legends. He was so good that his rank was “Diamond 1,” a particularly spectacular feat that solely .35% of gamers have completed!

Unfortunately, Esquire didn’t reveal Yeonjun or Soobin‘s solutions. Check out the remainder of the video beneath!

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