Shah Rukh Khan might be the most important celebrity within the nation in the mean time. It doesn’t come as a shock as he’s additionally one of many richest entertainers on this planet. However, his present place just isn’t due to his mere luck however 1000’s of hours of labor. The actor as soon as in an interview stated the one time he isn’t working is when he’s sleeping. Well, when that’s your stage of dedication, clearly the sky is the restrict.

One factor that retains SRK going throughout lengthy hours at work is espresso. The actor is an avid espresso lover and has even spoken about the identical a number of occasions. It gained’t even be incorrect to say that he actually lives on espresso. During an internship with a number one every day, he stated, “I don’t drink water. I have about 30 cups of black coffee. I drink only an espresso. It’s convenient, fast and idiot-proof. Fill it, shut it and press the button. I carry my Nespresso machine all over the world, I have it in my (make-up) van; I only like that particular coffee. Sometimes, I’ve travelled somewhere for a day and because I’ve forgotten to carry it along, I’ve been mad enough to buy it and make sure it’s in my hotel room.”

Here’s How Many Cups of Coffee Shah Rukh Khan Consumes Each Day

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