Ever since “Business Proposal” aired on screens, followers couldn’t assist however examine its male lead, Kang TaeMoo (performed by Ahn HyoSeop) with Lee YoungJoon from “What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?” (performed by Park SeoJun).

Both dramas revolve across the thought of workplace romance, extra particularly between a CEO and a passionate worker.

“Business Proposal” is about Shin HaRi (performed by Kim SeJeong), an worker at GoFood, who unintentionally goes on a blind date together with her CEO, Kang TaeMoo (Ahn HyoSeop).

While “What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?” is about Secretary Kim MiSo (performed by Park MinYoung), who abruptly broadcasts her resignation from her CEO Lee YoungJoon (Park SeoJun), it’s then he realizes how a lot he wants her.

Despite having completely different storylines, the 2 characters radiate the identical vibe. They even have the identical coiffure!

If you might be unsure about it, preserve studying!


1. Both Kang TaeMoo and Lee YoungJoon Are Workaholic Bosses

In “Business Proposal”, Ahn HyoSeop’s character is the CEO whereas Park SeoJun’s character holds the place of Vice President, however each of them are younger profitable males who’re dedicated to their work.


Both of them barely have time for the rest. Dating included. Though Park SeoJun’s character, YoungJoon, does have a girlfriend at first. He is unwilling to compromise his schedule for her. Or shall we embrace, he’s too busy to care. That is, after all, until Kim MiSo turns into his first precedence.

His workaholic habits additionally turns into the explanation why Kim MiSo needs to run away from him.


2. Kang TaeMoo and YoungJoon Define Confidence

Both of them actually know their price. They are conscious of the qualities they’ve and don’t hesitate to confess it.

In episode 1, Kang TaeMoo speaks about himself about how younger and profitable he’s and in addition being good-looking on high of it. And that any lady would need him. So when he’s rejected by Shin GeumHee (Kim SeJeong), he’s stunned and even asks her for the explanation. Because he clearly noticed no fault in himself.

Similarly, viewers are accustomed to YoungJoon’s ‘Aura’. He is aware of that he’s certainly one of a form, and essentially the most good-looking. He loves himself a lot that he falls into his personal reflection each time. YoungJoon, too, will get confused about why Secretary Kim rejects his marriage proposal initially.

For who would reject them?


3. Both Are Determined To Marry The One

In “Business Proposal”, Kang TaeMoo turns into decided to marry Shin GeumHee after one date. Even after being rejected many occasions, he declares the identical intention.

After discovering the reality about her, he’s nonetheless . Seeing how he’s unimpressed by every other woman that he goes on a blind date with. He even accepts that nobody was as enjoyable to hangout with, not like her.

Then, after a while, when he’s additional satisfied that he does certainly like her. He does every little thing to have her. Be it being her pretend boyfriend to impress her ‘buddies’ or renting a full cinema corridor for simply two of them.

Here Is Why Kang TaeMoo In "Business Proposal" Is The Son Of  YoungJoon In "What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?"


Likewise, in “What is Wrong With Secretary Kim?” YoungJoon declares his will to marry Secretary Kim. She rejects him again and again, however he’s decided to persuade and win her coronary heart. Just so she stays.

Here Is Why Kang TaeMoo In "Business Proposal" Is The Son Of  YoungJoon In "What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?"



4. Jealousy

‘”You just seem to lose your calm when Ms.Shin is involved.” – Cha SungHoon (Kim MinGue) from “Business Proposal.”

It is amusing to see each of them lose their cool each time the feminine lead is on the scene. Especially with one other man!

Beginning with “Business Proposal” episode 5, when Kang TaeMoo finds out the reality about Shin HaRi. He additionally realizes that the person she was in love with for seven years was MinWoo (performed by Song WonSeok). Kang TaeMoo is then irked when he sees Shin HaRi with him within the cafeteria. He couldn’t tear his gaze from them, while evident.

Oh and we are able to always remember that eye twitch!

Here Is Why Kang TaeMoo In "Business Proposal" Is The Son Of  YoungJoon In "What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?"


Likewise, K-Drama followers haven’t forgotten the enduring jealousy scene of Lee YoungJoon through the sports activities occasion. Never had he ever attended the occasion earlier than.

Park SeoJun had us rolling over the ground together with his comedian fashion of displaying YoungJoon’s jealousy. Just as a result of Kim MiSo was paired up with one other workplace colleague for a three-legged race. Kim MiSo, on high of that, appeared very informal and comfy with him. Every time each of them contact, YoungJoon would leap off his chair. Poor man was doing every little thing to include himself!


5. Both Of Them Have A Dark Past

In each dramas, there’s a thriller withheld about their previous. The viewers are given a touch or a stimulus that triggers their previous. For Kang TaeMoo, it’s the rain and for YoungJoon it was a feminine contact. Whenever each of them encounter these stimuli, they expertise a panic assault.

Here Is Why Kang TaeMoo In "Business Proposal" Is The Son Of  YoungJoon In "What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?"


In episode 6 of “Business Proposal”, when it begins to rain on their means again. Kang TaeMoo instantly stops the automobile and orders Shin HaRi to exit. But as quickly because the rain ends, he runs to her once more. Similarly, in “What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?” YoungJoon was unable to even kiss MiSo due to his phobia.


Both characters are extraordinarily attention-grabbing. Being the proper boss to the proper boyfriend, Kang TaeMoo and Lee YoungJoon undoubtedly win the race.

Do you see these similarities between them?


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