Marvel Studios has grow to be identified for teasing its upcoming films and TV reveals of their post-credit scenes, a lot in order that when Hawkeye ended with an extra scene that featured a full rendition of “Save the City” from the collection’ Broadway present, Rogers: The Musical, followers have been fast to air their disappointment. The in-universe present inside a present made fairly a stir when it made its debut earlier within the collection, and with the track being conceived by actual Broadway composers Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman it will be unkind to not function the total track someplace. As there would most likely be nowhere for the track to look sooner or later, the apparent place for this to sit down was as a little bit bit further on the finish of the collection as a pleasant little Christmas reward. In a brand new interview, Shaiman revealed how growing the pretend musical and the fan response has been a bittersweet expertise.


“I mean, it was really a one-off,” Shaiman mentioned in an interview with Inverse. “It was simply there. It was an concept that just about got here up as a joke at some point after which they did not let it go. It simply saved arising. But it was simply to serve that one objective of Hawkeye being in New York. In the unique script, they despatched us there was way more. There was a press agent who greeted him on the door and he was wanting round saying, ‘Where’s all people else?’ And she needed to sort of inform him, ‘Well, you are the one one who truly has agreed to indicate up.’ He felt humorous additionally about that, that not one of the different Avengers have been there.

“The hard part was writing a song that had to be something that Hawkeye or people who don’t like musicals would roll their eyes at. It’s been tough because we did our job well, and that means there are a lot of people who were like, what is this? I understand that there are a lot of people who would’ve expected and wanted the post-credits scene to be some new kernel of what’s gonna happen next in the MCU. I completely get it. But it has been tough to know that by doing our job well, we made something that not everyone likes. It’s been bittersweet almost, but to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is crazy.”

While there have been nonetheless loads of followers who have been proud of the inclusion of the scene, director Rhys Thomas did beforehand reveal that he was in the dead of night over what can be within the post-credit scene till he was instructed. He mentioned, “In the tradition that Marvel’s known for, I was waiting for what that was going to be. Yeah, they made the decision to put the musical at the end there, which honestly, I was slightly conflicted about because like a fan, I’m like, ‘The people, they want to see something, they want to know what’s coming next. Is this going to disappoint?’ In all fairness again, to the team, it’s like, no, no, no, it’s Christmas, it’s light. We’ve got so much blood in this episode, it’s just fun. It’s a fun release at the end, and it’s a nice way to send people off.”

Fans weren’t left fully empty-handed with regards to teases for the long run, as there have been loads of these within the Hawkeye finale itself, so all in all there have been a lot much less impactful post-credit scenes over the past 14 years and at the very least this one was, as Thomas mentioned, only a enjoyable release, as with some darker entries within the MCU approaching, it might be one of many few occasions that one thing light-hearted and inconsequential is feasible.

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