In the Harry Potter collection, one of many essential antagonists is Severus Snape. Unsurprisingly, audiences nonetheless debate about the place he lands on the morality spectrum. He turned out to be extra of a superb man than followers initially thought, and his considerably sticky previous with Harry’s father was revealed — which didn’t paint James in a superb gentle in any respect. Clearly, he was a fancy character, with some followers and a few haters. Some would truly argue that James was the more serious one that made Snape what he turned; others would argue that Snape’s misdeeds have been far worse than James’.

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Each of them has their good traits and unhealthy, however comparatively talking, who was the worst out of those two Marauder’s-era characters?

Updated on January third, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: Although a lot of their characterization and story was constructed earlier than the modern storyline in Harry Potter even started, James Potter and Severus Snape are two complicated and dynamic characters whose presence within the collection modified the course of Wizarding historical past. Many features of every of their personalities and experiences ought to be taken into consideration to be able to give a whole comparability of the 2. 

James Potter Was The Worst Because

He Was Privileged

A plaque showing James Potter as Seeker

It’d be a lie to assert James Potter did not develop up a really clearly privileged child, and it gave him a little bit of an ego in class. As a toddler, it appears protected to imagine James did not know hardship. He was pure-blood, so confronted no discrimination at Hogwarts, his mother and father have been each wealthy and loving, and he was well-liked.

Privilege does not at all times robotically create unhealthy folks, however it may well definitely give them an inflated sense of self-importance. And boy, it positive did create that in James. He seemingly had every part however was keen to harass those that had nothing.

He Was A Bully In School

James and Sirius

James was a bully in class — to the purpose that even the most important of James Potter apologists cannot deny this.

He mercilessly teased Snape, and in a single significantly horrific reminiscence, hung him the wrong way up and uncovered him in entrance of the complete college. He could have been an adolescent, however there isn’t any denying that it takes an particularly merciless child to do that. He was clearly well-liked and well-liked, so the truth that he used his standing to harm others isn’t a superb look.

He Harassed Lily Evans

Young James and Lily Potter at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

James was undoubtedly far too pushy with Lily at college. His crush on her knew no bounds, and he tried repeatedly to persuade her thus far him despite the fact that she constantly mentioned no.

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This conduct isn’t okay, and when Lily denied him, he ought to have listened. They might need wound up collectively ultimately, however James ought to have let his character and actions converse for themselves and waited for Lily to come back round and really reciprocate his emotions. His aggressive perspective didn’t age nicely.

He Relied Too Much On His Friends

It’s nice that the marauders (save for Peter Pettigrew) have been nearer than brothers and would actually die to guard each other. But James was in all probability somewhat too reliant on his buddies.

Not solely did making Wormtail his Secret Keeper have deadly penalties, however actually, placing his life, in addition to the lives of his spouse and child, within the palms of his friends was too nice a threat for the Potters and the marauders each.

He Had A Huge Ego

Robbie Jarvis as a young James Potter in the Harry Potter films

From what followers know of James, he undoubtedly had an enormous ego. He completely cherished himself and appeared to search out no fault in any of his actions.

Sure, that is very nice and self-love is nice, however there is a distinction between confidence and vanity, and it is a line James crossed, frankly, far too many instances. Somewhat humility may have gone a great distance, and his cockiness had a unfavourable impact on him in addition to everybody round him.

He Took Unnecessary Risks

James POTTER Dead

James joining the Order of the Phoenix to defeat Voldemort was undeniably the morally right thing to do. However, a good argument could possibly be made that James himself mustn’t have carried out it.

James had a household that he wanted to look out for, and his involvement within the Wizarding War may have gotten him killed even apart from the prophecy about Harry that drove Voldemort in direction of his household. Joining the fray was an enormous threat, and it is one which James presumably ought to have reconsidered.

Severus Snape Was The Worst Because

He Was An Outcast

Young Snape

Severus Snape had far more humble beginnings than most, making him extra sympathetic as a toddler. His poor hygiene made him a goal for bullying in class. He was gifted and intelligent, however he was typically handled as if he did not belong. He grew up poor and his father was most undoubtedly abusive.

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He undoubtedly wanted some kindness proven to him at Hogwarts that he nearly by no means acquired, and what makes it worse is that James was certainly one of his largest tormentors.

He Was A Bully As An Adult

Severus Snape and Harry Potter

James was a bully as a child, however Snape was a bully as an grownup. He deliberately terrified Neville each Potions class, and would absolutely have carried out the identical to Harry if Harry was as simply intimidated. He made feedback about Hermione’s look when she was solely in her fourth yr and lowered her to tears. As an grownup in his thirties, it is horrible and really embarrassing to do this to his college students.

He had a tough life, however to take it out on folks depending on him, in a instructing place, was a gross abuse of energy no matter what had occurred to him prior to now.

He Was Dangerously Obsessed With Lily

Snape with Lily

Snape may have called Lily Evans a Mudblood, however he may by no means recover from her, to the purpose that it was unsettling and fairly harmful.

He was the one who despatched Voldemort after the household within the first place and had selfishly thought that Voldemort would possibly spare Lily. He was actually keen to get her complete household murdered to have her. Even years later, he handled her son awfully as a result of Harry was a relentless reminder that she had chosen James. Yes, he protected Harry, however Snape’s all-consuming obsession did life-changing injury to many individuals.

He Turned On His Best Friend

Harry Potter Lily Potter and Serverus Snape

Lily Evans was Severus Snape’s first buddy, and for a really very long time, she was seemingly his solely true buddy.

Clearly, Severus had a very exhausting time at college, however the truth that he took it out on Lily and handled her so poorly displays very badly on him. He fairly completely embodies the previous saying “with friends like these, who needs enemies,” and the truth that he may activate the one who was the kindest to him says quite a bit.

He’s A Classic “Nice Guy”

Snape appeared to really feel very entitled to Lily’s time and a focus, and when their friendship started to go south, he reacted in what would possibly simply be the worst means doable.

His fixation on her and their misplaced relationship was so excessive that it actually acquired Lily (and James) killed, and he gave up on somebody who really cared about him as a result of he wished a romantic relationship along with her as a substitute of simply being her buddy.

He Was Into The Dark Arts

Severus Snape The creator of Liberacorpus

James definitely wasn’t excellent and could possibly be a whole jerk typically, however when James was being the basic college bully, Snape was starting to contain himself within the Dark Arts.

Severus went down a really grim street very early on in his life, which does not say something constructive about him as an individual. He even wrote off his buddy Mulciber utilizing such spells on a fellow classmate as “just a laugh”, one thing that completely horrified Lily.

James Grew Up To Join The Order

Order of the phoenix group photo

Ultimately, James Potter grew as much as be a part of the Order of the Phoenix. This was a secret group based by Albus Dumbledore that was devoted to stopping Lord Voldemort and saving lives. The folks within the Order have been keen to threat their very own lives on a day-to-day foundation, and Dumbledore solely requested folks to hitch that he really trusted.

If James had been an inherently unhealthy or egocentric particular person, he merely would not have been invited to hitch such a trigger. Dumbledore really thought he was worthy of it regardless of any previous transgressions, which says quite a bit about his character.

He Was A Death Eater

He could have switched groups and deeply regretted his determination in the long term, however in the end, it was Snape’s determination to be a part of the Death Eaters.

It’s clear that one of many main attracts to this group was merely that they accepted him, however the truth that it took Lily Potter’s death for him to actually ditch the Death Eaters is unsettling. He ought to have switched sides as a result of their trigger was morally abhorrent, not as a result of he personally misplaced one thing because of their actions, and it appears honest to say he was worse than James on that alone.

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