The authentic Voldemort idea artwork revealed in Return to Hogwarts confirmed a visually scarier character that may’ve in the end been a nasty alternative.

Warning! SPOILERS for Return to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter twentieth Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, launched by HBO Max on January 1, 2022, revealed many insights concerning the big-screen rendition of the Harry Potter saga, amongst which the preliminary idea artwork for Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) really dominated, with an look very completely different from the one ultimately developed. Although Fiennes hesitated to just accept the function at first and was satisfied to take action by his sister, who knew the magnitude of the Harry Potter sequence, his portrayal of the Dark Lord Voldemort proved the best alternative. The reunion particular revealed, the truth is, that Fiennes was concerned in selections concerning Voldemort’s determine and presentation. The last outcome ended up being extra humanlike in comparison with the unique character design, however nonetheless terrifying, making the ultimate model of the villain essentially the most satisfying.


Return to Hogwarts saw many stars return for the particular, together with those that began as kids and adults alike. The particular supplied very insightful tidbits of data concerning the expertise on set, which appeared to have been nice for all the kids concerned, particularly within the first two motion pictures, as they had been handled as kids and allowed to have enjoyable. It additionally disclosed why some scenes from the books had been included and why others weren’t, with specific consideration to explaining why they had been executed in the best way they had been. This proved notably attention-grabbing for Fiennes’s case, as many variables had been concerned in presenting the corporeal model of Voldemort to the viewers for the primary time in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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Goblet of Fire director Mike Newman shared in Return to Hogwarts why he wished to forged Fiennes as Voldemort, citing his “delicate, subtle force of personality” as the primary motive. The authentic character design for Voldemort confirmed a ghostlike, skinny, and inhuman creature that felt virtually alien and otherworldly. It would’ve in all probability been extra visually scary to have a villain that putting, however it may even have been a giant mistake, each for the repercussions on the character and the potential of his look overshadowing Fiennes’ efficiency.

Voldemort Original Sketches As Shown On Return To Hogwarts

Indeed, an inhuman-like look onscreen may need even made sense story-wise, visually representing his lack of humanity in pursuing Horcruxes. Still, that may have solely turn into clear within the final three movies of the Harry Potter series, and within the meantime, it may have led to misinterpretations of the villain. After all, many non-human creatures had been offered all through the sequence, together with horrific ones comparable to Dementors, however mixing the variations between human villain Lord Voldemort—who actively and repeatedly selected an evil path in life—and monster-like non-beings, whose essence might have brought on ache however didn’t select it, may need shrunk the villain’s tasks and company.

In the reunion particular, Fiennes described how, from the idea artwork, Voldemort felt to him like “the essence of evil, a snakelike thing which wasn’t that human.” A Voldemort perceived as primarily inhuman due to how he visually appeared may have badly influenced his total notion as a villain. In Return to Hogwarts, Fiennes recounted how he launched a “snakelike, husky, whispering voice” to the character, whereas Newman highlighted how Fiennes wished Voldemort to look otherworldly and insisted on him not having a nostril.

Making Voldemort visually scarier may need ended up overshadowing Fiennes’ masterful efficiency, making him too extravagant and risking dropping the facets that made him memorable as Voldemort. In the top, even contemplating all of the revelations about Voldemort in Harry Potter twentieth Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, having the villain barely extra humanlike than beforehand conceptualized makes it extra sensible and the story extra essential, specializing in his misgivings and never his resemblance to a monster.

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