For followers, the Harry Potter motion pictures are infinitely rewatchable – even when everybody is aware of precisely what’s going to occur. After all, from the beginning, anybody might have guessed that good would triumph (after some battle) and evil can be vanquished, even with out the supply materials to spoil it. Part of what makes the movies so rewatchable is, in fact, the nostalgia, however there are some moments that go a lot deeper than that.

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These are the scenes which are all the time a pleasure to rewatch, both to try to recapture among the unique magic, or to recollect the largest, funniest, most satisfying, and most iconic moments in your complete sequence.

Updated Dec 18th, by Rose Graceling-Moore: With the Harry Potter solid reuniting for the twentieth anniversary of the primary movie in Return To Hogwarts, followers are rewatching the unique movies for the hundredth time. And whereas some components could not have aged nicely, together with poor CGI, others will merely by no means get previous. 

15 Harry’s First Trip To Diagon Alley

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

There are so many magical moments within the first movie, as Harry (and thru him, followers) are launched to the surprise of the wizarding world. At this level within the sequence, Harry has discovered he’s a wizard, there have been hints of magic, however there may be nonetheless no actual consciousness of how big this world is till Hagrid faucets on the bricks behind the Leaky Cauldron, and a magical world fairly actually opens up earlier than him. No matter what number of occasions it’s watched, that reveal retains its nostalgic sense of surprise.

14 Christmas At Hogwarts

Hogwarts at Christmas Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Philosopher's Stone Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Wizard Chess

Most of the Harry Potter movies have a Christmas scene, to the extent that many followers would argue they’re Christmas motion pictures – particularly Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone. In this movie, Harry spends his first Christmas at Hogwarts, and the sheer delight that he feels at easy issues like items and good meals and a roaring fireplace is contagious. This is a really joyful scene, with the snow falling across the citadel, and it’ll all the time make followers really feel good to rewatch.


13 Dobby Is A Free Elf

Dobby’s first look in The Chamber of Secrets would not endear him to followers – or to Harry. He breaks issues, causes chaos, and is later revealed to be creating every kind of issues for Harry. However, he turns into a fan favourite, and the second that Harry tips Lucius into releasing him is an attractive one. On a rewatch, this scene turns into much more poignant, with the notice that Dobby will later sacrifice himself for his hero, Harry.

12 Harry’s Patronus

The Patronus spell is likely one of the most stunning within the sequence, and followers like to debate the shape that their very own patronus would take. Almost each Patronus scene within the sequence is an outstanding one to rewatch, particularly when Harry is educating the DA to create them, however essentially the most spectacular needs to be when Harry conjures a Patronus sturdy sufficient to drive off each Dementor from Sirius.

Not solely is is visually gorgeous, however emotionally charged – as Harry realizes that his inconceivable hope (of assembly his father) is dashed, and that he’s a lot stronger than he thinks.

11 Hagrid & Norbert

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid with Norberta the Dragon

It’s straightforward to see why followers love Hagrid – his bluff appeal, his stunning innocence (particularly with regards to harmful creatures), and his true friendship with Harry are great to look at. Unsurprisingly, then, it is easy to see why moments that contain Hagrid and one of many creatures that he loves are all the time charming to rewatch.

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The scene the place he hatches a dragon is ideal, for the creature itself, but additionally for the reactions of the Golden Trio. (Of course, the second that Hagrid introduces Harry to Buckbeak comes a detailed second.)

10 Hermione Attacking Draco

Although Draco turns into more and more sympathetic because the movies proceed, and ultimately even redeems himself to some small diploma by refusing to call Harry and name Voldemort to Malfoy Manor, he’s nonetheless a hated character. And Hermione is known for her refusal to break rules, which is what makes the scene the place she brandishes her wand at him and calls him a “foul, evil, loathsome little cockroach” so extremely satisfying – even after a dozen watches.

9 Harry Flying On Buckbeak

harry potter buckbeak flying

As the franchise continues, there will not be a variety of moments of pure pleasure for Harry – he goes from studying about magic to battling pure evil inside a couple of years! However, this second when he will get to fly Buckbeak across the citadel is an unimaginable one.

This really sums up how magical this world can really feel, and the way free Harry feels when he’s flying – one thing that’s emphasised extra within the books than the flicks. It’s merely stunning, gentle, and joyful.

8 The Graveyard At Godric’s Hollow

There is a big distinction between the primary and final Christmas within the movies, as Harry spends Christmas within the Deathly Hallows at Godric’s Hollow – and visits his dad and mom’ graves. This could also be a tragic scene, nevertheless it’s an attractive one, nonetheless.

This is a scene that basically begins to carry issues full circle, as Harry is ready to return ‘dwelling’, to see the place the place all of it occurred, and to see his dad and mom’ graves. It’s touching, easy, and candy.

7 Fred & George Quit Hogwarts

Fred and George Weasley Fireworks

Essentially any scene with Fred and George goes to be a winner, as they’re all the time in a position to carry levity to the flicks, irrespective of how darkish they turn out to be. However, because the franchise continues, Fred’s impending demise begins to loom giant. One of the twins’ greatest and finest moments earlier than this shadow falls, although, is after they stop Hogwarts – in a (literal) blaze of glory. The two set of dozens of magical fireworks, chasing Umbridge, inflicting chaos, and zooming out of the citadel.

6 Dobby Saves The Day

This could also be one of many saddest scenes within the movies, however it’s nonetheless an exquisite one to look at once more, as Dobby apparates into Malfoy Manor to avoid wasting not solely the Golden Trio, however Luna, Griphook, and Ollivander as nicely.

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His ferocity, and his potential to face as much as his former masters in a approach that will have been unthinkable not lengthy earlier than, are inspiring. And the extraordinary drama of his demise, even when followers know that it’s coming, hits each time.

5 Harry & Hermione Dancing

Harry and Hermione laugh as they dance together

While lots of the greatest and most rewatchable moments are motion sequences or main plot factors, some are the candy scenes in between. This second, when Harry and Hermione dance collectively within the tent throughout their seek for the Horcruxes, is an attractive one.

It’s unimaginable to see them shake off among the stress of their quest, simply get pleasure from one another’s firm, and discover some closeness and happiness within the darkness. It’s additionally an attractive second for his or her friendship – particularly as it’s Harry who steps as much as assist Hermione first.

4 The Trio Breaking Into Gringotts (& Out Again)

Harry, Ron and Hermione escaping Gringotts on an Ukrainian Ironbelly

While many of the last movie takes place at Hogwarts, for the final stand in opposition to Voldemort, there may be one standout scene earlier than that – in Gringotts. This is an attractive scene to rewatch partly as a result of it helps to carry Harry’s journey full circle – again into the vaults of Gringotts, after which to Hogwarts, simply as he did in his first 12 months. However, there may be the added thrill of seeing the Golden Trio battle to take a Horcrux, and have the impressed thought to unleash the Gringotts dragon. Watching it burst into the sky above London merely by no means will get previous.

3 Protecting Hogwarts

molly weasley and professor McGonagall during battle of hogwarts

Devoted Harry Potter followers would probably be pleased to rewatch your complete Battle of Hogwarts, time and time once more, however there are undoubtedly a couple of moments that really stand out – beginning with the safety of Hogwarts. From Harry’s iconic speech to Snape, to McGonagall’s casting him out of the citadel, encouraging Seamus to explode the bridge, and casting the spell to carry the statues to life, these scenes are a superb mixture of motion and humor. To high all of it off, the ultimate second of safety comes when everybody – a lot as they did after the demise of Dumbledore – raises their wands, and a shocking silver dome of safety descends across the citadel.

2 Neville Killing Nagini

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Neville kills Nagini

Finally, one of the satisfying and galvanizing scenes in your complete franchise comes very close to to the tip, when Neville stands up to Voldemort. His bravery, and the energy that echoes the unique movie – and the second he stood as much as Harry and his associates – is nostalgic and highly effective on the identical time. The speech is a turning level, and provided that many followers had been upset with Harry and Voldemort’s last flight across the citadel, and the best way that Voldemort turns to ash on the finish, for some, that is the true second that good triumphs over evil.

1 Dumbledore And Harry At Kings Cross

Dumbledore telling Harry not to pity the dead in Harry Potter

Although Dumbledore is killed lengthy earlier than the Battle of Hogwarts, and Harry’s sacrifice, he returns to fulfill Harry in a spot that appears to be between life and demise. Looking like King’s Cross, that is the scene with among the most iconic traces within the franchise, as Dumbledore imparts a few of his greatest classes to Harry. For many, that is additionally the scene that helps redeem him for a few of his extra villainous decisions earlier on – making it clear that he anticipated from the beginning that Harry might triumph, and was not merely planning for his demise all alongside.

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