Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is well-known on the planet of Harry Potter for having 4 homes, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. Each of those homes has traits that outline its existence, these traits actually do communicate to the characters that stay and be taught in every home and collectively create a personality for every considered one of them. In reality, the homes are mainly characters themselves. (And we do not simply imply the founders)

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Having 4 homes means they’ll naturally be in contrast, and so the query arises, which considered one of them is the worst of the bunch? Although all of them have their very own sorts of negatives, one home that stands out as a candidate for the worst is Ravenclaw.


Updated April 14th, 2022 by George Chrysostomou With every progressive release of the Wizarding World followers be taught a bit bit extra about Ravenclaw House. While there are some improbable members together with Luna Lovegood, there are some poisonous traits amongst the group that recommend that actually it is perhaps the worst faction to be part of! 

They Might Be A Little Too Competitive

Filius Flitwick speaking into his bullhorn.

Competition is wholesome inside any context, particularly at Hogwarts the place the home system is designed for the scholars to attempt to push one another’s achievements. Everyone takes that contest fairly significantly, though Ravenclaws see rivals in all the pieces they do.

Even their head of home, Flitwick, seems to change into fairly concerned in proceedings from choir to quidditch as he pushes his college students to victory. That aggressive nature can go a bit far, and Ravenclaws aren’t precisely the most effective at shedding due to how they visualize their victories.

They Can Be Manipulative

Intelligence might be proven in lots of kinds however for Ravenclaws, their crafty has come into play numerous instances. They are all the time scheming and the likes of Helena Ravenclaw and even Moaning Myrtle have used their wits to their benefit, manipulating these round them.

They are all the time attempting to get one step forward of these round them, typically working with an impassive logic to get precisely what they need. Cunning generally is a good factor although when it advantages allies; simply have a look at how Flitwick defends Hogwarts from assault as an example.

They Don’t Take Risks

Marcus Belby Harry Potter

Ravenclaws generally is a little by the guide in all elements of their life, however that extends to the dearth of risk-taking. Luna Lovegood appears fairly wild for the home, contemplating she takes the sorts of dangers that her friends would see of their nightmares. Walking round with out sneakers? Ridiculous!

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For Ravenclaws, dangers do not usually play out as is perhaps anticipated. There are too many variables at play and if the end result cannot be predicted then maybe it is not actually price it. Participating in Dumbledore’s Army was too massive a threat for a few of the home who contributed to its betrayal.

They Follows The Rules Too Closely

Ravenclaw Diadem Harry Potter

The lack of risk-taking additionally extends to following the foundations, to the letter. Ravenclaws don’t love getting in bother as a result of it could actually affect their grades and even perhaps take away from the home cup competitors. It’s uncommon for his or her crew to truly lose factors.

In the context of Quidditch, they’re attempting to abide by the foundations even to their very own detriment, and even Umbridge’s takeover meant that many would have been conflicted as to the way to act. Ravenclaw housed just a few Harry Potter doubters due to his reckless penchant for ignoring the regulation of the land and their distinction with that.

They’re Too Secretive

Helena Ravenclaw aka Grey Lady

Ravenclaws do not belief very simply and thus maintain quite a lot of secrets and techniques. It may very well be about their private life or a few of the tutorial information they’ve picked up, however the home actually solely confides in each other. It’s a trait that may truly be discovered prominently in a lot of their main characters.

Even the bravest of members like Luna Lovegood saved their very own secrets and techniques as a result of she was afraid of what folks could take into consideration her residence life, whereas additionally wishing to maintain private issues personal. The Grey Lady saved a few of the greatest secrets and techniques of all, which she ultimately had to surrender.

They Over-value Their Intelligence

Well, the home mainly pronounces itself as the neatest round, no questions requested about who is definitely becoming a member of it. Ravenclaws imagine they’re the wisest round, merely due to their home affiliation, which appears backward. It needs to be, Ravenclaw home is the neatest home as a result of it’s full of the neatest peopleand not that if somebody joins Ravenclaw home, they’re mechanically the neatest individual round.

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This sort of self-involved perception of their very own knowledge makes this home the more serious. As the viewers is aware of there are a lot of good characters in the entire homes, and Ravenclaw actually doesn’t have a monopoly on intelligence, no matter its members want to assume.

Their Loyalties Are Unclear

It’s straightforward to say that Slytherins are prone to go dark-side and Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs are in all probability going to decide on the signal of proper, nevertheless it’s truly inconceivable to know the place a Ravenclaw will fall. This sort of obvious neutrality might be incredibly dangerous and quite confusing.

Sometimes it appears like Ravenclaws imagine they’re past proper and incorrect, and thus need not concern themselves with facet selecting. But this type of perspective usually serves evil higher than it does good.

They’re Too Concerned With Appearances

Ravenclaw appears very involved with how issues look. They are, by and huge, probably the most aesthetic home, with a dainty frequent room, a wonderful ghost, and a standard room full of lovely folks. An obsession with riches actually performs into this.

Ravenclaws aren’t talked about that a lot, however they’re usually described as engaging when they’re. Ravenclaws seem to be they are often very involved with the semantics and aesthetics of issues, however not a lot with their coronary heart.

They’re Too Removed From Everything

Like Gryffindors, who’re eliminated for their very own causes, Ravenclaws actually stay in a tower, separating them from the remainder of the varsity. They additionally do not appear to work together very a lot exterior of their home.

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Harry has buddies from a number of totally different homes, however solely hardly ever encounters Ravenclaws. This sort of removing makes the home lower than stellar.

They Come Across As Uptight

Cho Chang and Ravenclaw students

Ravenclaws can typically be too uptight in each an academic and social setting. It is a Ravenclaw, in any case, who reveals the key group, Dumbledore’s Army, to Professor Umbridge, and later, Cho indignantly remarks upon Hermione’s anti-theft spell, as if it had been Hermione within the incorrect, not her buddy Marietta.

Ravenclaws simply appear total tense, which isn’t the best high quality. They simply do not seem to be they’d be all that a lot enjoyable to hang around with, mainly ever, even some of the most notable Raevenclaws!

They Can Be Arrogant

Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood of House Ravenclaw

Similar to the best way they pronounce themselves the neatest, Ravenclaws carry this on past simply their home description. In quite a lot of methods, it makes them unlikeable after they come throughout those that are exterior of their home.

Ravenclaws imagine they’re proper in most conditions and do not take pleasure in discovering themselves to be in any other case. This vanity is just not a horny trait.

They Are Dismissive Of Others

Ravenclaws are a bit chilly. Whether it is Luna’s model of flighty dreaminess or Cho’s extra self-absorbed hair flipping, Ravenclaws usually appear to brush others away from them.

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Although there aren’t that many principal characters who’re Ravenclaws, even the minor interactions appear to point that Ravenclaws depart these round them feeling small and left behind.

They’re Just Not Notable

Gloucester Cathedral corridor in Harry Potter

Ultimately, there simply aren’t that many Ravenclaws that stick to the reader. While this has to do with the deal with Harry and his buddies, it stays true that there simply aren’t many Ravenclaw protagonists, and total, the home would not obtain very a lot all through the books.

Other homes, for good or sick, have an extended resume of the issues their characters have achieved all through the Harry Potter franchise, however Ravenclaw’s is extremely quick. This lack of accomplishment leaves them low on the home rating.

They Don’t Work Well With Others

Given that Ravenclaws imagine themselves to be the neatest individual within the room they usually count on a stage of perfection, they simply do not work that properly with others.

This is underlined by the truth that the one time a Ravenclaw actually joins a bunch journey, they’re answerable for its failure. Ravenclaws imagine themselves to all the time know greatest and so don’t play properly with others.

They’re Self Serving

Dumbledores Army Members At The Ministry For Magic In Harry Potter

At the top of the day, the Ravenclaw thinks about themselves. There’s a sort of “neutrality” that reigns supreme in Ravenclaw, a perception within the purity of fact and knowledge.

But finally, Ravenclaws use that fact and knowledge to serve themselves. It’s extremely harmful to imagine that one all the time is aware of greatest and has no equal.

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