It’s not straightforward being an inquisitive Potter maniac, even after comprehensively detailed writer interviews, Reddit theories, educational research, and fan fiction, there are nonetheless so many plot holes and errors within the Harry Potter universe which don’t add up, even when a fan has learn each ebook cover-to-cover.

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From the bizarreness of the Hogwarts syllabus and the legitimacy of sure spells to the mechanics behind some curious types of magic, there are countless questions the fandom nonetheless hasn’t discovered solutions to.

Updated Dec 18th by Rose Graceling-Moore: With the Twentieth-anniversary reunion particular arising, followers are hoping that they are able to get a number of the solutions which might be nonetheless lacking about how issues within the Harry Potter world work! Some of those have later been defined in video games and additional supplies, however different supplies have merely confused issues additional… perhaps Return To Hogwarts will clear some issues up!

15 The Painting Inconsistency

J.Ok. Rowling has particularly revealed that the residing portraits within the Potter-verse are merely imprints of the lifeless individual. They can imitate their primary persona traits, however would not have emotions, reminiscences and should not as absolutely realized as ghosts or spirits.

But then how is Dumbledore’s portrait able to communicate knowledge and recommendation to Snape after his dying? Moreover, if the portraits should not sentient, how can they really feel and present feelings like concern, annoyance, or guilt, that too of individuals or conditions they haven’t encountered whereas they had been alive? The magic behind their sentience is filled with holes.

14 How Functional Is The Trace?

The Trace was a appeal that helped the Ministry of Magic know if magic was carried out round underage witches or wizards. However, it was revealed ultimately that The Trace has its limitations, and whereas it could possibly detect magic, it can’t detect who carried out it. Does that imply underage wizards can get in hassle if another person makes use of magic round them, or can be made to face on trial?

Moreover, why wasn’t The Trace activated when magic was carried out so many instances round Harry in Privet Drive, particularly throughout Order of the Phoenix or Half Blood Prince? Plus, The Order of Phoenix was hesitant to make use of any magic to switch Harry from his residence, due to The Trace, however had no doubts about hiding him within the Weasley Burrow and utilizing magic round him there.


13 Peter Pettigrew And The Marauders Map

Peter Pettigrew On The Marauder's Map

The Marauders Map exhibits Peter Pettigrew labeled as himself, even when he’s in rat type – and Fred and George had been continually checking the map for years. However, neither of them ever noticed Peter’s identify on the map, or that Ron was seemingly sleeping with a ‘Peter’ each night time, regardless of there being nobody by that identify in his dorm. And although Harry does spot the identify on the map as soon as, it is odd that that is the one time he sees it, in on a regular basis he’s trying.

Perhaps this may very well be defined if dimension and proximity consider – perhaps Peter was solely seen whereas not with Ron, because the ‘Ron’ label would cowl the ‘Peter’ label completely. Or perhaps Fred and George by no means appeared on the dorms themselves. Either approach, this nonetheless hasn’t been defined!

12 Harry, Hermione and Ron’s Food Crisis

Through Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, it’s doable to determine what will be conjured and what can’t, and in line with the regulation, one can’t create one thing from nothing. However, meals is without doubt one of the 5 exceptions and Hermione tells Ron that one can summon it in the event that they know the place it’s, and one can rework it and/or enhance the amount of one thing one already possesses.

Why then did the trio have such a tough time discovering meals throughout their Horcrux quest in Deathly Hallows. Why couldn’t they’ve elevated the amount of what they already had?

11 Why Didn’t The Ministry Use Veritaserum?

Much is made, within the books, of the truth that Lucius Malfoy was suspected as a Death Eater, however by no means convicted. Like many others, he claimed to be working for Voldemort below the Imperius Curse. However, this appears a little bit suspicious, because the Ministry might have presumably simply used Veritaserum on them to examine. It’s clear that the Ministry has no situation with this, as Umbridge used it on youngsters, and but they merely took Death Eaters at their phrase.

Perhaps there may be extra to it, although, and it is a commentary on the facility of wealth. It’s actually doable that Lucius purchased his approach out of being despatched to Azkaban.

10 The Magic Behind Thestrals

This is an issue that J.Ok. Rowling herself needed to demystify, however the fandom simply could not be appeased. Why couldn’t Harry see the Thestrals on the finish of Goblet of Fire, contemplating he had skilled the lack of Cedric? Thestrals are a breed of skeletal, winged horses that may solely be seen to wizards who’ve ‘seen’ dying. Harry was too younger to grasp what was occurring when he witnessed his dad and mom’ dying, and he was unconscious when Quirrell died.

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And Rowling claimed that though Cedric’s dying was the primary dying Harry skilled intently, it takes time for anybody to recover from the shock and take up absolutely that they may by no means see an individual once more. Which is why Harry solely began seeing Thestrals in Order of the Phoenix. But since Thestrals should not imaginary, can their corporeal existence actually rely on an individual’s consciousness? If so, how does the magic behind it work?

9 Using Multiple Wands

This is an issue that has given Redditors many sleepless nights. Harry used three wands and a triple spell to stun Greyback in Deathly Hallows.  If a triple spell is more practical primarily based on the straightforward numerical system of extra wands equal extra drive, why is it not a factor extra folks use?

Plus, it was made abundantly clear within the OWL syllabus that the extra a wizard believes in his spell, the stronger the spell can be, so what role does the number of wands play?

8 Why Did The Potters Need a Secret Keeper?

Lily Evans and James Potter from Harry Potter in winter clothing dancing and smiling at the camera

The central tragedy of Harry’s life is the betrayal of Lily and James by their buddy – which allowed Voldemort to search out them. However, the principles of the Fidelius Charm appear to alter all through the sequence. It’s assumed, from the truth that Lily and James has a Secret Keeper, that this was vital for the appeal to work. However, when Bill and Fleur had been hiding in Shell Cottage, they had been every others’ Secret Keeper.

Presumably, Lily and James might have merely been every others’, after which the appeal would have held… and your complete story would not have occurred!

7 Why Wouldn’t Voldemort Make The Death Eaters Take The Unbreakable Vow?

Was Voldemort simply too proud or too delusional to suppose he might belief his Death Eaters? Considering it’s actually a dying prophecy he’s making an attempt to negate, shouldn’t he have requested his military of Death Eaters to take the Unbreakable Vow, simply to be on the protected aspect? An Unbreakable Vow works very similar to a binding magical oath or a contract, it’s enforced magically and the individual breaking could must face lethal penalties.

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It has been established that Dumbledore needed his minions to like and revere him, and he clearly anticipated them to put their lives for him. But how he may very well be naive sufficient to threat it?

6 Why Are Legilimency and Obliviate Charms So Readily Acceptable?

The Imperius Curse is an unforgivable curse as a result of it locations the sufferer fully below the caster’s management and primarily enslaves their thoughts. But the mind-reading spell generally known as Legilimency and the mind-reading appeal generally known as Obliviate are equally harmful, if no more.

The Obliviate spell, particularly, can smash somebody’s life, as it could possibly erase particular reminiscences from somebody’s thoughts, therefore wreaking havoc of their lives. Granted, the Ministry makes use of these charms to assist them maintain their distance from muggles, however utilizing them so freely actually can’t be allowed, as they will have devastating penalties.

5 Troll In The Dungeons

Troll in Harry Potter

This plot gap is so hilarious that followers have turned it right into a meme 100 instances over! When Quirrel bursts into the eating corridor within the first ebook, he shouts that there’s a troll within the dungeon – which leads Dumbledore to calmly inform all the scholars to return to their dorms.

The main situation, right here, is that the Slytherin dorm is within the dungeons, as is clearly defined later (and backed up in a lot of the additional supplies). In essence, then, Dumbledore actively despatched your complete Slytherin home proper into the arms of a troll! Perhaps he hates them as a lot as everybody else.

4 The Legitimacy Of Divination

Almost nobody takes Divination severely within the Potter-verse. Hermione thinks it is hogwash, and Dumbledore admitted that he thought-about taking it off the college syllabus. Which begs the query, can divination actually be taught, and what connection does it have with wizardry?

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There will be no center floor on this, divination is the artwork of seeing the longer term and if it could possibly actually be taught, it might make for one of the vital empowering topics in a wizarding faculty. If college students can predict temporary aspects of the longer term utilizing magic, even that might be an enormous deal, however clearly that’s not the case. So, is Divination fully pushed by an inside present or superstitions?

3 The Cost Of Wands

Wands are described within the books as costing 7 Galleons – which looks like a reasonably affordable value, till it is in comparison with the price of different gadgets on this world. A faux wand is one thing that the Weasleys are informed they need to cost 5 Galleons for and a second-hand cauldron prices 10 Galleons – suggesting that 7 Galleons is extraordinarily low for this merchandise. Even extra confusingly, Professor Slughorn says that unicorn hairs go for 10 Galleons for a single strand, however a wand containing a unicorn hair would solely be 7?

These numbers simply do not add up – except, maybe, the federal government subsidies wands as an absolute necessity.

2 Are Background Checks Impossible?

Hogwarts was criminally lax in vetting its academics and a few of its employees, be it the faux Mad-Eye Moody, who turned out to be Barty Crouch Jr, Quirinus Quirrell, who was a servant of Voldemort, and even Gilderoy Lockhart, who was a fraud.

It’s baffling how there isn’t any system, spell, gear, or perhaps a registry in place which might allow an intensive background examine on folks, particularly in colleges. In reality, the Ministry, which is so nosy about Hogwarts’ administrations, ought to ideally have sorted issues out, particularly after Quirrell.

1 Why Wasn’t Voldemort A Person Of Interest To The International Wizarding Community?

Why didn’t Hogwarts ask for assist from its allies throughout Europe? The Triwizard Tournament established the truth that the Wizarding Communities are on good phrases, be it France, Bulgaria, or Ireland. Granted Voldemort’s plans post-Harry had been by no means particularly addressed, nobody knew if he simply needed to dominate the wizarding world in Britain, the entire of Europe, or simply needed domination over Hogwarts.

But contemplating how highly effective the Dark Lord’s legacy is, why weren’t the opposite nations worrying about Voldemort as effectively, after which lending a hand?

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