Part of what makes the Harry Potter sequence so particular is its huge line-up of complicated, compelling characters. In addition to Harry and his closest mates, there are dozens of fully-fleshed-out witches, wizards, creatures, and even ghosts that give the story a lot depth.

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However, some positively obtained extra consideration. Not solely did the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books leave out several fan-favorite moments, however a number of characters had their roles considerably lower in comparison with the books too. Although some would argue that it was mandatory to take action because it allowed these vital to the primary storyline to shine, there have been just a few that positively deserved a bit extra.

10 Minerva McGonagall – 28:45

Minerva McGonagall is not essentially the most pivotal character in Harry Potter, however her authority and reliability make her a pillar of the franchise. Appearing in seven of eight motion pictures, she racks up 28 minutes and 45 seconds of screentime, with most of her appearances portraying her in a purely educational context.

However, the exception of that is Deathly Hallows Part 2. When the Death Eaters launch their assault on Hogwarts, she steps as much as rally the college’s statues to defend all of them. Powerful although these scenes could also be, it will’ve been good to see a few of her extra protecting scenes from the guide, similar to when she has a showdown with Umbridge in Harry’s careers recommendation session.

9 Ginny Weasley – 30:15

Ginny weasley

As Harry’s love curiosity – and eventual spouse  – Ginny held a outstanding position within the motion pictures. She performed an essential half within the Chamber of Secrets, opening the Chamber on Tom Riddle’s behalf, and is Harry’s rock all through Half-Blood Prince.

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However, what’s fascinating is that she ought to, in concept, have appeared for way over half-hour and 15 seconds. Ginny’s characterization and storylines run deeper within the books, the place she is feistier, funnier, and louder than her onscreen counterpart. Only avid readers know that she is the one to speak Harry out of his fears of being possessed in Order of the Phoenix, and fights together with her household and Harry to be allowed to battle within the Battle of Hogwarts.


8 Draco Malfoy – 31:45

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is Harry’s self-proclaimed archenemy, but solely will get 31 minutes and 45 seconds of screentime. While it is nonetheless greater than a lot of the characters, it nonetheless comes as an ideal shock to viewers contemplating how passionately Harry hates his schoolmate and the way a lot he will get in the way in which.

True, Malfoy is magnificently nasty when he does seem. Actor Tom Felton additionally acts out his ethical dilemma over killing Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince to perfection. However, among the pettier, extra schoolboy components of Malfoy’s rivalry with Harry get lost in many scenes.

7 Lord Voldemort – 37:15

Lord Voldemort Harry Potter

Aside from residing perpetually and establishing pure-blood dominance, Lord Voldemort’s best mission in life is to kill Harry. The franchise’s hero has to contend along with his efforts to do all three in each Harry Potter film (aside from Prisoner of Azkaban),  totaling 37 minutes and 15 seconds of terrifying Voldemort scenes.

Across these appearances, Voldemort is performed by 5 totally different actors to account for the very fact audiences see him at totally different levels of his life. The escalating degree of battle between him and Harry within the ultimate motion pictures bulk out a lot of his screentime, in addition to the scenes wherein Harry and Dumbledore delve into his previous in Half-Blood Prince.

6 Severus Snape – 43:15

Harry has three important enemies – Malfoy, Voldemort, and Snape – nevertheless it’s the latter who comes out on prime when it comes to screentime. Appearing in each Harry Potter film, he spends most of his time bullying Harry and his different college students.

It’s the final three motion pictures that give him sufficient materials for 43 minutes and 15 seconds onscreen. As Snape’s complete tragic backstory is unveiled in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 2), all of his earlier actions are framed in a very totally different mild. Of all of the characters within the motion pictures, his is probably some of the precisely tailored, and only a few key scenes are omitted.

5 Rubeus Hagrid – 45:45

Hagrid meets Harry

Warm, pleasant, and constant, Hagrid is among the most likeable characters in all of Harry Potter. He’s considered one of Harry’s greatest allies and is at all times readily available for help, which earns him his 45 minutes and 45 seconds of screentime throughout all eight motion pictures.

Because he’s simply so charming, Hagrid’s scenes are at all times heartwarming. Some of them are additionally fairly highly effective – he is the one to hold a child Harry into the story, and comes full circle when he carries what he thinks is Harry’s lifeless physique out of the Forbidden Forest. There are just a few different heartwarming moments that did not make the films, however as most of those encompass Harry simply visiting him in his hut, it is comprehensible why they weren’t deemed too cinematic.

4 Albus Dumbledore – 77:15

Dumbledore looking suspicious in Goblet of Fire

A number of Albus Dumbledore’s most impactful actions are made behind the scenes, past Harry’s realm of consciousness. Mysterious as he could also be, he nonetheless manages to look on display screen for 77 hours and 15 seconds, serving to Harry navigate – and finally win – the warfare towards Voldemort.

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He solely seems in seven of eight motion pictures, however, like Voldemort, Dumbledore’s screentime will increase because the stakes get increased. Once Voldemort has returned, Harry has way more grownup points to take care of that require Dumbledore’s involvement past simply being his headmaster. Half-Blood Prince is essentially the most Dumbledore-focused of the bunch, with him spending an excessive amount of time with Harry to review Voldemort’s previous.

3 Hermione Granger – 205:00

Some followers really feel like the films over-exaggerated Hermione’s position compared to their portrayal of Ron, but Hermione truly spends much less time onscreen at 205 minutes. She seems in each film and is the only reason Harry manages to survive as a lot trauma as he does.

Her intelligence and practicality make her a key a part of nearly all of Harry’s storylines. Harry does not spend as a lot one-on-one time with Ron within the motion pictures as he does within the books, with the trio as an alternative proven as spending most of their social time as a bunch. However, one clarification for Hermione’s barely decrease screentime is that she spends a lot of the third act of Chamber of Secrets petrified.

2 Ron Weasley – 211:45

Ron is Harry’s first and greatest good friend, with the pair clicking the second Ron enters his carriage on the Hogwarts Express. From that second on, they’re inseparable – as proved by Ron’s 211 minutes and 45 seconds onscreen.

This is strictly the eye Ron deserves. A number of his greatest moments and character traits, sadly, did not make the transition from web page to display screen – and a few followers really feel that the variations lower loads of his wit, loyalty, and empathy – however his friendship remains to be vital to Harry within the motion pictures.

1 Harry Potter – 539:15

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Is it actually any shock that Harry Potter’s screentime is greater than double the quantity of any character? As the Chosen One, the world of Harry Potter fairly actually revolves round him. It’s his hero arc that types the construction of all eight motion pictures, ending along with his triumph towards Lord Voldemort.

Condensing the occasions of over a million phrases value of content material into eight motion pictures is near-impossible. However, almost all of Harry’s essential character beats make the lower in his 539 minutes and 15 seconds onscreen. It’s robust to single out his greatest moments, however essentially the most gratifying is unquestionably his ultimate defeat of Lord Voldemort in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

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