Warning! Contains spoilers for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Chapter 51!Although Superman has extraordinarily eager senses, many Batman adjoining heroes can sneak up on him, together with, considerably surprisingly, Harley Quinn. While Batman and his varied proteges are identified for his or her stealth abilities, Harley Quinn is mostly regarded as being rather more loud and chaotic. But she may be stealthy when she must be.

While Harley Quinn doesn’t have any superpowers per se, she does have unbelievable acrobatic and gymnastic abilities. Her bodily prowess mixed along with her proficiency in hand-to-hand fight and quite a lot of weapons makes her an extremely harmful fighter regardless of not having the in depth coaching that Batman and a few of his different allies have. Despite all this, her clownish character and chaotic nature has prompted many different characters, each heroes and villains, to underestimate her (which delayed her from becoming a DC superhero). But after the newest chapter of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Superman is more likely to not be amongst them.


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In Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Chapter 51, written by CRC Payne with inks by Toby Fan primarily based on artwork by Starbite, the Bat-Family takes an evening off from crime preventing in an effort to watch a film collectively. In order to guard Gotham from hazard, Superman decides to patrol town, breaking apart crime in Batman’s stead. After capturing some criminals, a determine casting a bat formed shadow sneaks up behind him, and he excitedly turns round anticipating to see Batman. He is shocked to search out Harley Quinn wearing a do-it-yourself Batman costume. This makes for an excellent comedic second, however it additionally continues the hilarious pattern of Gotham vigilantes with the ability to sneak up on Superman despite his super senses.

Batman is well-known for his potential to stealthily seem and disappear seemingly out of and into nowhere with out detection. Superman has even remarked that this potential makes Batman one of many few individuals who can sneak up on him. Similarly, Damian Wayne can even carry out this feat, having been educated in stealth by each Batman and the League of Shadows. While Harley doesn’t have this stealth coaching, she clearly has the uncooked bodily potential essential to sneak round this manner given her acrobatic abilities. In addition, her time as a felony has most likely compelled her to study evasive abilities, particularly on condition that her foremost enemy at the moment was Batman, a master detective and tracker. And on condition that she was in a position to sneak up on Superman so skillfully that he thought she was Batman, it’s clear these abilities are extraordinarily properly honed.

Even although Harley has these unbelievable stealth abilities, she does not usually use them. Harley doesn’t really feel the necessity to combat crime stealthily, as a substitute preferring a bombastic method. But on the similar time, when it’s for a joke, she is glad to make use of her stealth abilities, as proven right here. Although sneaking up on Superman similar to Batman is hilarious, this second exhibits that Harley Quinn’s stealth abilities are not any joke.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Chapter 51 is now accessible to learn on Webtoon.

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