Actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee received’t have the ability to go to her household in Assam for Diwali celebrations this yr. But she’s going to guarantee she retains up with the festive spirit, beginning with Dhanteras.

“I make sure to follow the Dhanteras rituals every year. Our family ritual involves buying gold for family members and silver for our mandir room. It will be the same this year too. What exactly to buy is something that I will decide when I visit the store,” says Bhattacharjee, who plans to go on a gold buying spree to have fun Dhanteras.

Along with this, she additionally ensures that she shares some presents and sweets with the much less lucky. “I will also give some necessary items, sweets and diyas to people in need around to make the festival more meaningful for all,” provides the actor.

However, the 36-year-old notes that individuals are turning the ritual right into a method to exhibit, which is disappointing. “The ritual has become more of a trend. I don’t like it when people actually show off their purchases on such occasions,” she rues.

Last yr, the actor couldn’t have fun the competition of lights on a grand scale however she intends to make it up now. She additionally received’t let the space between her and her household play a spoilsport.

“I already spent Durga Puja with them, so I won’t be able to go back. We will enjoy the festival virtually. However, I will be missing my mother pampering me and her hand made sweets,” the actor confesses.

As for celebrating the competition in her personal area, she tells us, “I will enjoy it all while keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocols. I am already busy purchasing decor for home, and learning some recipes on Youtube. I will go to my friend’s place and they will come to mine, so I am very excited.”

Getting nostalgic, Bhattacharjee continues, “Diwali is actually Kali puja celebrations for us. We worship Maa Kali at midnight after fasting for all day. We used to stay awake for so late to offer puspanjali and then gorging on the bhog khichudri at around 1am. It was so fantastic. Assam is very cold during this time. I’m already missing it all”.

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