Katrina Kaif is likely one of the few feminine stars Bollywood has created in lately occasions regardless of the language barrier and intense criticism. As Katrina celebrates her thirty eighth birthday at present, right here’s wanting again at how the actor reacted when requested about her superb success within the Hindi movie trade within the final 15 years.

In an earlier interview with indianexpress.com, Katrina was at her candid finest as she spoke about how she finds fascinated with her profession graph ‘tiresome’. When we requested her wanting again, how has been her 15-year-long Bollywood journey, she stated, “It is very cumbersome and tiresome to look back. So, I don’t really look back. I just try to be here and look forward. Now what’s done is done. Even when things have been wonderful and fantastic for me, I am only looking forward to what is next. I have enjoyed myself, and I have got to be a part of some amazing films, play some incredible roles and work with the best people in the industry. But now I only look forward to what I want to do from here on.”


Katrina had additionally opened up about how she needs to play extra thrilling roles sooner or later. “I want to be in places and on sets that give me a chance to play an exciting role. I think I have ticked most of the other boxes of what I wanted to do when I first started out as an actor. Even then I was very clear about what I wanted to do and the kind of films I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to see myself as. And I was able to do all of that. Now it is all about what I want to do in the next phase of my career and life,” she had shared.

Katrina, who was once seen as a glamorous Bollywood diva, has developed as an actor, her efficiency in Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero (2018), is proof. On this, Katrina had shared that, for her rising as an actor and sharpening her ability is of utmost significance to her. She had stated, “I think it is wonderful. Growth is important in anyone’s life and in any profession you are in. You have to have growth and you have to evolve in someway. It is important how people saw my journey say from New York, Namaste London, Rajneeti and now if they look at my work differently say in Zero or Bharat. I am happy that I am growing in my profession.”

Katrina had debuted in Bollywood with Boom (2003). She might be one of many few outsiders who has made a reasonably enviable place for herself within the trade. She stated she is just not somebody who enjoys revisiting her preliminary days, she had stated, “No. Because if I do, then there is so much to think about. But yes, it does happen if I see something that I did when I first started out or when an ad or video clip from my initial work comes online. I laugh about it. When these things come up, I think about the head space that I was in and it all feels funny now. But over all, I have had a really really great time.”

Katrina is now awaiting the release of her Rohit Shetty movie Sooryavanshi, with Akshay Kumar. She has reportedly additionally began getting ready for Tiger 3 with Salman Khan and has additionally began readings for Sriram Raghavan’s subsequent with Vijay Sethupathi. The actor has executed greater than 40 movies already. “I think I respond very instinctively to the scripts. When a director comes, they narrate a story and you respond to it. It is literally that simple. There is no preconceived thing in my head that now I will only do a period film, an action film or a comedy film. I will only respond to the story if it connects with me.”

On a parting notice, Katrina candidly additionally shared what has been her greatest take away from love, life and work. She stated, “It is all unpredictable. You will never know what is going to happen. So I believe in giving it my best and not to stress too much about the future. It is all about enjoying what is today and to try and do what I am doing now with the best of my ability.”



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