Warning: The following article comprises spoilers for Halo episode 5, “Reckoning”

If you’ve missed watching Master Chief or a squad of Spartans kicking some Covenant butt and taking names, then the newest episode of Halo offers you precisely what you’re in search of after which some.

Spoilers to comply with.

“Reckoning” might be the shortest episode of Halo up so far, although one which has plenty of implications for the plot going ahead. After finding the second artifact, Dr. Halsey calls the UNSC calvary they usually get to work digging it out. John confronts Kai about eradicating her emotional inhibitor pellet and grounds her as a result of she is untested in battle with out it. Kai remarks that John has additionally eliminated his pellet.

On Madrigal, Sorren handcuffs Kwan Ha to the bike and leaves to seek out transport. Kwan manages to free herself and waits for Sorren to return again. Knocking him out, the heroine steals the previous Spartan’s gun however spares his life.

Back on Eridanus II, John talks to Keyes about his reminiscences and the captain guarantees to confront his spouse and be taught the reality. We then be taught that Keyes is in on the cover-up, however Halsey assures him and their commander that Cortana will have the ability to include Master Chief if it involves it.

The artifact instantly prompts and sends a sign to the Covenant, which leads them on to Eridanus. John touches the artifact once more, studying that Halsey kidnapped him from his dad and mom when he was a toddler. He will get aggressive and tries to lunge at Halsey, however Cortana knocks him out.

The Covenant assault the UNSC in full power and Master Chief mobilizes the Silver Team to safe the artifact. An enormous struggle ensues, the place the legendary John-117 will get to point out off his lethal fight talents once more. In the episode’s remaining moments, Master Chief forsakes the artifact to rescue Kai, giving the Covenant a window to steal it.

The aliens deploy a Jiralhanae, in any other case often known as a Brute, which is the primary time we see them in live-action. Master Chief additionally says his iconic “I need a weapon!” line, making most Halo followers screech in pleasure. But episode 5 finally ends on a somber notice, insinuating that the Spartans certainly want their repressive pellets to operate as they’re imagined to.

Halo will proceed subsequent week on April 28.

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