From December 3 to January 30, three Gundam Café venues will supply new “recreation meals” of assorted dishes which have appeared in Gundam anime. The meals gadgets have been developed below Sunrise‘s supervision, and embody iconic dishes like… the bread and water Amuro Ray consumes within the desert restaurant of episode 19 of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Incidentally, this meal will value 550 yen (roughly US$5).

Other examples of “iconic” dishes are as follows:


Setsuna F. Seiei’s glass of milk from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 episode 3 (440 yen, or $4)



Bright Noa’s burger from Mobile Suit Gundam episode 16 (1,760 yen, or $15)


Domon Kasshu’s pizza from Mobile Fighter G Gundam episode 1 (1,320 yen, or $11)


Catherine’s borscht from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 12 (1,320 yen, or $11)

In addition, the café will serve “pilot lunches” primarily based on the standardized meals depicted in numerous Gundam anime, as listed beneath:


Mobile Suit Gundam


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed


Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Each pilot lunch prices 1,430 yen (roughly $12).

Finally, the café will supply the next further menu gadgets:


Sleggar Law’s burger (1,540 yen, or $13)


Fries to go along with Bright Noa’s burger (440 yen, or $4)


Amuro Ray’s vitamin complement (440 yen, or $4)


Argama in-ship meal (1,650 yen, or $14)


Banagher and Minerva’s hotdog (1,210 yen, or $10)


Earth Federation white curry (1,210 yen, or $10)


Spicy Red Comet curry (1,210 yen, or $10)


Mobile Suit Gundam parfaits (693 yen, or $6)



Gundam collection hero drinks (770 yen, or $7)

The promotion is a final hurrah for the the flagship Gundam Tokyo Café Brand Core in Akihabara, the café at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, and the Fukuoka cafés, which is able to all close on January 30. The Dohtonbori, Osaka location already shut down on March 31 earlier this yr.

The Yokohama Satellite café on the Gundam Factory Yokohama will stay open for now, though Gundam Factory Yokohama is itself closing on March 31. Gundam Factory Yokohama is the ability which homes a shifting, life-size RX-78-2 Gundam statue.

The foremost Akihabara café had simply expanded in July 2020 by almost 4 instances its earlier ground area, to rejoice its tenth anniversary.

The Gundam Café opened its first and foremost department in Akihabara in 2010. In addition to the branches above, there have been areas (since shuttered) on the Japan Railways Tokyo Station and Makuhari in addition to numerous pop-up outlets over the previous decade.

Source: Gundam Café Official website

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