Like her friends, Gulki Joshi too will get many messages from her younger followers. The actor, who stars in a comedy TV present Maddam Sir, connects with them on social media however not nearly her work. In reality, the youngsters share their issues along with her together with examination stress, being caught at house because of the pandemic which causes deperession in lots of and different psychological well being associated points.

Joshi says she tries to answer as many as potential on social media. She provides, “Often, teenagers and even younger kids come up to me and talk to me about their mental health issues. My only advice to them is to have a conversation with their parents and teachers and to communicate about what’s bothering them – no matter how big or small the issue. And, if needed, seek professional help. I feel communication is the key to being mentally healthy.”

The Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja actor urges dad and mom to make their youngsters comfortable with them so that they really feel they will speak or share something. “The teachers and society should help create an environment that the youth, the teenagers are able to express what they are going to, and not feel ashamed about anything. Once they talk, they can analyse it, deal with it, and move on,” she says.

Joshi admits that for the reason that pandemic, psychological well being points have been a speaking level and they need to be a precedence for every body. She elaborates, “Mental health has always been a serious issue and it’s in the recent times that it has come under the limelight and we hear more people talking about it. During the pandemic, people realised that when you are stuck at home and you can’t run away to another place, you have to face your own demons. It was high time that mental health becomes a priority for us all. Once everything inside us is sorted and clear that’s when everything outside will be easy.”

Having confronted low phases in her life and profession, Joshi shares she depends on her supportive family and friends. “I do through low phases in life. There are times when it seems that nothing is working out. But I always make sure that I talk about how I am feeling, I let it all out. Sometimes, I even talk to strangers about my thoughts but the important thing is to let it out,” she ends.

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