Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has 50 horseshoes to gather all through the sport, and there are just a few worthwhile rewards for locating all of them.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition contains varied collectibles such because the horseshoe side mission in San Andreas. Players can acquire a complete of fifty horseshoes, and each will improve the participant’s luck by 20 factors. Along with the luck boosts, discovering all the horseshoes will give gamers just a few extra rewards.

Luck in San Andreas does not appear to have any impact on gameplay, and it does not assist gamers with playing, however the different rewards nonetheless make the horseshoes price accumulating. Each horseshoe will give gamers $100, and discovering all 50 awards $100,000. Completing the gathering will even enhance CJ’s intercourse attraction and completely spawn 4 weapons on the Four Dragons Casino: satchel fees, a fight shotgun, an M4, and an SMG.


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It may be tough to locate every horseshoe in GTA: San Andreas. A whole lot of them are discovered close to noticeable indicators and billboards or on the roofs of serious buildings. However, a few of them are in random alleyways, so gamers ought to be ready to completely discover all of Las Venturas to search out them. Reaching just a few of the harder horseshoes might require a selected sort of transportation.

Horseshoe Locations in GTA: San Andreas

San Andreas‘ horseshoe collectibles are a straightforward approach to make an honest amount of cash so long as gamers know the place to search for them. Players can use a automobile or journey on foot to achieve most of them, however some might require a jetpack or helicopter. The best approach to shortly acquire all 50 is to make use of a jetpack and fly to every of the next areas:


  • Find this horseshoe on high of the Come-A-Lot signal.
  • Get to the highest of the principle fort to discover a horseshoe.
  • There’s a yellow constructing to the east of the Come-A-Lot on line casino with stairs that result in a horseshoe on the ledge of a pink constructing.

Julius Thruway East

  • Find the horseshoe to the east on the walkway of a billboard.

Julius Thruway North

  • Jump over the wall west of the church, which is subsequent to the Well Stacked Pizza, to search out this horseshoe.

The Four Dragons Casino

  • The horseshoe is situated on the surface of the on line casino on the second flooring within the southwest nook.

Rockshore West

  • Find this horseshoe earlier than the bridge that connects to Julius Thruway North. It’s over the wall subsequent to the home there.
  • There are rows of homes the place gamers can discover a horseshoe. Head to the second southernmost row of homes and go behind the teal house.

Rockshore East

  • The horseshoe is situated on a dumpster behind the warehouse to the south.

Old Venturas Strip

  • This GTA: San Andreas’ horseshoe is within the prepare monitor tunnel that has a Victim billboard subsequent to it.
  • Go to the property on Old Venturas Strip and discover the horseshoe to the east in entrance of the on line casino signal.


  • The horseshoe is behind the procuring plaza and over a brick wall.

Okay.A.C.C. Military Fuels

  • The horseshoe is over a brick wall close to cargo containers to the north of the gate.

Las Venturas Airport

  • At the tip of the runway to the west, gamers will discover a horseshoe.
  • The entrance of the constructing on the west aspect of the runway may have a horseshoe.
  • Head down the runway to discover a horseshoe close to some transport containers.

Blackfield Chapel

  • Find this horseshoe on high of Blackfield Chapel.

Randolf Industrial Estate

  • Head beneath the bridge to search out the horseshoe.

LVA Freight Depot

  • In the docking yard, go to the southernmost aspect to search out the horseshoe in entrance of a loading dock.

Prickle Pine

  • This horseshoe is on the entrance door of the home nearest to the prepare tracks.
  • Head east to achieve a collection of properties till arriving on the residence advanced. The horseshoe is within the pool.
  • There’s a horseshoe within the tennis courts to the east.

Blackfield Intersection

  • This horseshoe is subsequent to the yellow Sumo constructing.

Pirates in Men’s Pants

  • The horseshoe is by the cranium going through north close to the doorway.

Roca Escalante

  • Find this horseshoe on the roof of the Erotic Wedding Chapel.
  • Go to the guitar-shaped pool northeast of 18 to gather this horseshoe.

The Clown’s Pocket

  • The horseshoe is on the roof of the Clown’s Pocket constructing.

Green Grass College

gta san andreas cj

Redsands East

  • Go to the rooms on the motel and discover the horseshoe on the left aspect of the walkway.
  • North of the motel, there is a blue wall and a horseshoe down the alley subsequent to it.
  • The horseshoe is on the constructing to the west of the gymnasium.
  • Head to the roof of the Steakhouse and discover the horseshoe on the connecting constructing close to the Casino signal.
  • The subsequent horseshoe is to the north of the earlier one close to some transport containers.
  • Next, go southwest to search out one other horseshoe on high of a low blue wall.

Starfish Casino

  • Find the horseshoe on the wall within the drive-thru of the Cluckin’ Bell.
  • The horseshoe is on the overhang above the clothes retailer.
  • Go down the alley subsequent to the 24/7 Mart to search out one other horseshoe.

Las Venturas

  • There’s a horseshoe beneath the welcome signal.
  • Head to the roof of the church southeast of Come-A-Lot.

Royal Casino

  • Go to the third stage of the parking storage to search out the horseshoe.

The Visage

  • Find this horseshoe above the waterfall.

Whetstone Estate

  • North of the purchasable property, there’s a horseshoe beside a pink warehouse.
  • South of the identical property, the horseshoe is on the west aspect of the constructing with palm bushes round it.

The Camel’s Toe

  • There’s a horseshoe on high of the pyramid on the Camel’s Toe.
  • To the east of the pyramid, there is a horseshoe on high of a pillar.

Yellow Bell Golf Course

  • Get on the roof of the constructing and discover a horseshoe within the window on the west aspect.

The Emerald Isle

  • Go over the wall by the Strain Hard billboard.
  • The subsequent horseshoe is to the west of the earlier one on the roof of the constructing.
  • This horseshoe is on the high of the Emerald Isle.
  • Go to Soapy’s Car Wash and seize the horseshoe beneath the billboard.

San Andreas features many collectibles to find, together with 50 horseshoes scattered round Las Venturas. Some horseshoes are out within the open whereas others are tucked away and may be tough to search out. The rewards gamers obtain for locating all 50 are price taking the time to trace all of them down. San Andreas gamers trying to get 100% completion might want to find each collectible, together with the horseshoes.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will release on November 11, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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