The Sandbox is harmful however has beneficial assets for followers to find. Accordingly, Grounded gamers have a number of choices to get into this biome.

Introduced within the Hot and Hazy Update, the Sandbox is a biome in Grounded situated within the decrease western portion of the Backyard. This biome is a zone for knowledgeable survivors and people ready for a difficult expedition. The Sandbox options deadly creatures such because the Wolf Spider and Antlion, the biome’s major and most harmful insect menace. However, it’s not solely the hostile wildlife in Grounded that poses a hazard to those that enterprise into this huge pit of sand.

Sandbox is with a zone debuff often known as the Sizzle Effect. This standing impact capabilities equally to the fuel of the Haze and can slowly burn gamers below the solar’s warmth. Fortunately, the Sizzle Effect doesn’t have an effect on survivors throughout nighttime, sundown, or daybreak. However, gamers will nonetheless must take care of the horde of Antlions that reside within the space. Moreover, standing beneath shade or in water can negate this Thirst-draining debuff in Grounded.


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To get within the Sandbox in Grounded, gamers have three major choices. First, they will journey by way of the harmful Black Anthill within the Trash Heap. On the opposite hand, adventurers can restore the premade Zipline on high of the Picnic Table utilizing Silk Rope ×12. Finally, survivors can as an alternative select to build up an elevated structure in Grounded to succeed in the biome from the bottom flooring. However, this technique will take an enormous period of time and assets. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that followers select a unique possibility.

Getting Into The Sandbox In Grounded

Grounded How to Get in The Sandbox

The Zipline is probably going the most effective and most simple approach to attain the Sandbox in Grounded. Furthermore, it supplies a everlasting means to enter the biome at any time. To get on high of the Picnic Table, knock over the close by shovel on the southeastern aspect of the desk. Next, gather Silk Rope ×12 to complete the Zipline on the highest. Silk Rope is a Tier-2 useful resource crafted utilizing Web Fiber refined at a Spinning Wheel. Web Fiber will be obtained by looking arachnid creatures, like Orb Weavers, Spiderlings, or Diving Bell Spiders in Grounded.

The different technique is by trekking by way of the underground tunnels of the Black Anthill within the Trash Heap, discovered within the southeastern nook of the Backyard. As one may count on, the anthill is swarming with Black Ants, that are rather more difficult than their Red Ant counterparts. Therefore, be ready to battle by way of the insect-built passageways. Moreover, gamers might want to perceive the maze-like format of the Black Anthill in the event that they plan to make use of it as a path to enter and go away the Sandbox.

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Grounded is out there on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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