Richard Webber and Meredith Grey are two of the longest-running characters in Grey’s Anatomy, having been on the present since its inception. They are very keen on one another, as evidenced by Richard’s concern for Meredith throughout her Covid coma, however they’ve performed deplorable issues to one another up to now too.

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Whether it was unintended, neglectful, and even simply plain spiteful, the best way they’ve acted in the direction of one another makes followers surprise if their relationship is as wholesome because it appears.

Richard Had An Affair With Ellis Grey

Richard and Ellis hold each other and smile

This affair occurred manner earlier than the sequence started nevertheless it nonetheless had an especially long-lasting impression on Meredith’s life, culminating within the reveal of her half-sister, Maggie Pierce. To have an affair with any married individual is the unsuitable factor to do.


With Richard and Ellis, it was even worse, because it cut up up Meredith’s mom and father and prompted Ellis to additional resent her daughter. In reality, Ellis was so distraught by Richard leaving her that she lower her wrists in entrance of Meredith, possible traumatizing her sooner or later.

Richard Employed Derek’s Killer

Penny in her scrubs

While Miranda Bailey was the one who employed Penny Blake, Richard knew about it and didn’t inform Meredith. Blake was one of many docs who handled Derek Shepherd earlier than he died because of negligence on their half. No one would need to work with one in all their husband’s killers.

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Despite all this, Richard knowingly saved Blake’s new place on the hospital secret from Meredith. Not solely was this an enormous betrayal on a private stage, however Meredith was additionally on the hospital board. She ought to have been notified concerning Blake’s employment as an expert courtesy.

Richard Employed Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery is without doubt one of the hottest Grey’s characters, demonstrated by the optimistic response to her current comeback in Season 18. However, in her first look, she was very a lot maligned by followers just because she was Derek’s spouse.

Bringing her on board was a merciless factor to do, because it prompted Meredith’s first break up with Derek. Meredith was clearly distraught when Derek selected Addison, as evidenced by the truth that she ended up getting drunk at Joe’s Bar. Richard’s resolution finally prompted Meredith a 12 months of anguish.

Richard Was Ungrateful Towards Meredith

Richard confronts Meredith in Grey's ANatomy

In the Season 9 finale, Richard ended up electrocuted within the hospital basement. He was finally discovered, however suffered extreme accidents. Meredith was chosen as his healthcare proxy and he or she elected to carry out a troublesome surgical procedure to maintain Richard alive.

After Richard awakened, he berated Meredith furiously for maintaining him alive. This was heartbreaking to look at as Meredith was devastated by his phrases. Furthermore, this was a uncommon event the place Richard was intentionally merciless with out cause or excuse.

Richard Got Drunk At Work

Richard Webber

During Season 6, Richard started ingesting once more and it affected each his social {and professional} life enormously. Meredith was one of many first individuals to understand he had fallen off the wagon, however Richard requested her to not inform anybody. This was an unfair place to place Meredith in.

Firstly, this jeopardized Meredith’s profession, as she was complicit in hiding a surgeon’s ingesting drawback. Secondly, Richard’s ingesting affected Meredith’s relationship along with her husband, as she was uncomfortable with maintaining such a secret from him.

Meredith Was Complicit In Richard’s Drinking

Greys Anatomy Meredith Grey

Richard’s ingesting was nobody’s fault however his personal. However, a great pal would attempt to encourage Richard to get assist. Meredith knew he was ingesting however nonetheless did nothing. In reality, she benefited from the scenario as a result of Richard began to provide her personal classes.

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Furthermore, Meredith refusing to say something really harmed Richard much more. He carried on ingesting and misplaced his job as Chief of Surgery. Not to say, Meredith’s inaction additionally not directly prompted problems from a number of of Richard’s botched surgical procedures.

Meredith Got Richard Fired

Meredith and a lawyer at court in Grey's Anatomy

Richard is not any stranger to skilled misconduct, having been fired or demoted at the least 3 instances over the course of the sequence. Not all of those events had been his fault although. In Season 7, Meredith interfered in a medical trial, which Richard took the blame for.

While Meredith’s actions had been noble, they value Richard his position as Chief of Surgery. Richard labored extremely laborious to earn that position, overcoming racism and alcoholism in an effort to climb that ladder. Meredith didn’t take into consideration the implications of her actions and the way they might have an effect on these round her.

Meredith Refused To Invite Richard To Her Wedding

Richard at the basement of the hospital as he tries to set up the generator after the power outage in Grey's Anatomy

Richard is a father determine to Meredith, which is why it was so stunning and hurtful when Meredith refused to ask Richard to her wedding ceremony in Season 5. It was a very selfish act on Meredith’s part, as Richard is basically her non-biological father.

Admittedly, they had been preventing closely throughout this time, however even Derek requested Meredith to rethink. It is clear all through Grey’s that Meredith and Richard are like household, so that is actually one of many worst issues Meredith ever did to Richard.

Meredith Constantly Puts Herself In Danger

Meredith and Richard are extraordinarily shut, which is why it should harm Richard so terribly to see Meredith mendacity at loss of life’s door on a number of events. Some of those can’t be helped, akin to Meredith contracting a extreme case of coronavirus.

However, there are different situations the place Meredith was intentionally reckless. When Meredith put her hand on a dwell bomb, for instance. It prompted Richard pointless ache to see his surrogate daughter act so cavalierly along with her life, particularly within the earlier seasons.

Meredith Blamed Richard For Her Tragic Childhood

Meredith and her mom had a really contentious relationship. Ellis emotionally uncared for Meredith and when Meredith was older, she blamed Richard. Granted, Richard and Ellis had had an affair, however Richard was not answerable for Ellis’s poor parenting abilities.

It was unfair of Meredith to condemn Richard. He felt culpable sufficient already and Ellis appeared to make use of Richard as an excuse. Lots of individuals have been harm, however they don’t use it to excuse shameful parenting. Besides, Richard made up for it by appearing like the daddy Meredith really deserved.

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