A comic book e-book collection so good they made it into Thor Ragnorok, a bit. It was additionally a partial inspiration for the present Action Comics Superman story on Warworld. And now Marvel Comics has determined they’d prefer it again the place it belongs, with a return to Planet Hulk from authentic author Greg Pak with artist Manuel Garcia from November as Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker.

This five-issue restricted collection will happen a thousand years into the longer term and current a stunning enlargement and end result of the mythos of Sakaar. Pak can be joined by visionary Devil’s Reign artist Manuel Garcia.

Considered a contemporary Marvel masterpiece, PLANET HULK informed the rousing story of Hulk’s time on the alien planet Sakaar after being exiled from Earth by the Illuminati. The epic story arc had a defining influence on Hulk that is nonetheless felt at the moment and went on to encourage spinoffs and media diversifications. Now, the saga continues…

A thousand years to any extent further the planet Sakaar, a younger lady with inexperienced pores and skin searches for the legendary Green Scar to assist save her brother from a gaggle of apocalyptic cultists. But which Hulk will she discover? And in spite of everything these years, is he really the Sakaarson, who will save us all — or the Worldbreaker, who will destroy us?

“Working on Planet Hulk remains one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in storytelling,” Pak mentioned. “So it was a huge thrill to get the call from editor Mark Paniccia inviting me to dive back in. What makes this story feel so special is that we’re going back to Sakaar a thousand years in the future. That’s opened up doors to do some spectacular worldbuilding with mindblowing art from Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, and Chris Sotomayor. And we’re exploring big emotional stories that pay off the huge themes of the Hulk and the Green Scar that I’ve built over many years through all my Hulk stories. In a time of change and crisis, what do we do with the power we have, and how do we handle the terrifying repercussions? A thousand years from now, who knows where those questions will take us?”

Check out the quilt by authentic PLANET HULK artist Carlo Pagulayan and return to Sakaar when PLANET HULK: WORLDBREAKER #1 arrives in November. For extra data, go to Marvel.com.

Written by GREG PAK
On Sale 11/30

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