With GOT7‘s officially comeback upon us, the group’s “Tom and Jerry” BamBam and Jay B have made a comeback as properly.

From left: Jay B (left) and BamBam (proper).

This morning, chief Jay B took a break from selling to share his “morning view.” Any cat dad or mum can relate to his submit as considered one of his cats was resting by his head.

He actually wakened like this.

The submit caught the eye of fellow cat-lovers and even earned some edits, together with the enduring hardhats made famous by BamBam.

Speaking of BamBam, the man GOT7 member and cat dad favored Jay B’s submit too. While Jay B is a proud dad of five adopted cats named Nora, Kunta, Odd, Baireu, and Cake, BamBam has 4 Pudding, Latte, Cupcake, and King Gato.

Besides, BamBam can particularly relate to having a cat who won’t leave your side… Er, head?

Of course, although, with BamBam, he nonetheless has to tease Jay B. So, he replied with what initially gave the impression to be a cute GIF however, in actuality, poked enjoyable on the risk that Jay B’s pet might go fuel on him whereas resting.

With BamBam now in Jay B’s replies, Ahgases took the chance to ask him some questions. So, BamBam teasingly shared each his “morning view”…

…and “night view.” They had been truly memes, together with an Ahgase edit of Jay B as Shrek‘s Lord Farquaad.

So, we think about the cat and mouse chase will start as soon as Jay B wakes up once more.

And with the GOT7 comeback, it’s not like BamBam has wherever to cover!

These two simply can’t cease clowning one another on social media. Read extra beneath:

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