GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is quickly releasing not one however two new songs!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Instagram

Yesterday, Mark tweeted that he was “in a dilemma.” He wasn’t certain what to release for his subsequent single.

Fans tried to assist him out. Many voted, utilizing Twitter’s ballot function.

Some interpreted Mark’s query to imply that he was struggling to select a title. So, they prompt another.

Yet, Mark truly had two songs ready and simply wasn’t certain which one to release first. His fellow member BamBam was one among these who additionally suggested another.

Now, Mark has revealed that he’ll truly be releasing two new songs! “Save Me” and “Lonely” are totally different songs.

Although most Ahgases voted for “Save Me,” Mark will release “Lonely” first. It will drop subsequent week whereas “Save Me”‘s release date continues to be to be decided.

While the announcement of two new songs shook some Ahgases, others have been shook by the language used.

He’s a free man now for certain, guys!

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