GOT7‘s chief Jay B has been completely killing it this comeback along with his flowy lengthy locks!

GOT7’s Jay B in “NANANA” MV. | GOT7/YouTube

Ahgases (also called iGOT7) have been loving the lengthy hair particularly.

Yet, not everybody was on board along with his coiffure. In reality, his members have been (playfully) teasing their chief.

| @GOT7/Twitter

So, whereas everybody has been relentlessly clowning Jinyoung for his buzzcut, Jay B has been going through jokes for the alternative purpose.

Jay B has been particularly teased by BamBam, after all. Even on unrelated posts like this one from Youngjae, BamBam couldn’t assist however seize the chance to have some enjoyable.

Honestly I’m so blissful it’s p*ssing me off… … 💚

— Youngjae

So, he commented with an iconic fansite picture from GOT7’s 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7, and Jay B wasn’t having it.

What’s unsuitable with you…

— Jay B

It was even worse on Instagram, although, as he likened Jay B’s coiffure to that of an insect. Ahgases couldn’t assist however surprise if it was karma for these posts that he struggled with Instagram for 2 hours later.

| @bambam1a/Instagram

The members even straight-up teased Jay B about his coiffure to his face throughout Twitter Blueroom Live and 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 too!

From left: Mark Tuan, Jay B, Jackson Wang, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, and BamBam. | @GOT7/Twitter

BamBam and Youngjae even performed along with his hair on stage.

During the occasion, Jay B proposed that he would shave his head after the group’s comeback schedules the following day. And the members all of a sudden had combined emotions.

Of course, Jinyoung was supportive as he additionally had minimize his hair fairly brief. So, he advised Jay B minimize it equally.

Well, Jay B saved his promise. Sure sufficient, he appeared in his and BamBam’s be a part of digital fansigns with a haircut.

He is formally twinning with Jinyoung!

Now, we’re ready for the recreation of his basic college picture that BamBam requested for.

Jay B is definitely proving that he can pull off any model, even when they’re drastically completely different.

And, Ahgases are giving him a number of love, affirming that he appears to be like nice with the brand new look!

And, it’s formally BamBam accepted too. He shared a close-up of Jay B’s new coiffure on Instagram Stories.

So, whether or not he was bullied into slicing off all his hair or not, Jay B appears to be like wonderful both means!

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