GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s long-awaited solo album, MAGIC MAN, has finally been released along with a brand new music video for the track “Blue”!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson has described this album as one thing he has wished for a very long time and has mentioned in depth why it took so lengthy for him to release it in a personal letter posted to his website.

Never had sufficient time previously years to truly work on an album cuz of a number of causes, and part of it was me wanting a visible MV for each single track. And I didn’t have sufficient time.

— Jackson Wang

He’s additionally mentioned his ideas in regards to the album with followers on reside streams just lately in addition to his need to take MAGIC MAN all over the world on tour!

Following the album’s release and the drop of the music video for “Blue,” Jackson finally took some time to relax and decided to share this moment with fans in a truly “Jackson” way. Jackson went live on Instagram inviting fans to listen to the album with him but in a completely unexpected way!

As the album played on loop in the background, Jackson was seated in a full bathtub with no shirt on, presumably bathing and relaxing.

Fans couldn’t help but go between freaking out about Jackson being in the tub shirtless and appreciating the ambiance created by the new album! He also began to sing along at one point, giving fans even more to be excited about.

Jackson is known for being completely honest and open about himself, and this is just one new way he has decided to share moments with fans!

Check out Jackson sharing more firsts with fans below!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares His Musical Firsts, Including The First Time He Created Music

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