“I’m sorry, Ahgases.”

GOT7 followers know Jinyoung as a critical, but hilarious member, typically partaking in hilarious antics on-line with different members. He not too long ago confirmed his critical and mature aspect whereas speaking about his ideas on courting and his upcoming army enlistment.

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Jinyoung has remained busy because the group departed from JYP Entertainment in 2021, showing in a number of motion pictures and dramas, together with Yumi’s Cells, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, and Devil Judge. 

Jinyoung in Yaksha: Ruthless Operations. | Netflix

He additionally participated in GOT7’s comeback in May 2022 and the following fan live performance that passed off after.

In late November, it was introduced by Korean media that Jinyoung could be enlisting in mid-March 2023. Though it was later shared by his firm, BH Entertainment, that he didn’t have a set date in thoughts, his future plans, together with the release of his film Christmas Carol, future solo album, and solo tour had been confirmed.

Though followers had been a little bit saddened by the information of his enlistment, they’ve additionally been taking in all of the content material that has been launched by Jinyoung, together with latest interviews selling the release of Christmas Carol.  In one such interview, Jinyoung gave his true opinion on courting and confirmed off his mature aspect but once more!

When requested about having a relationship, Jinyoung replied that he believes that he “should be dating” however admits to not “having time.

I must be courting, however I don’t have time…and I’ve to enlist quickly, so why ought to I? Finding somebody and having a relationship, irrespective of the label, looks as if a whole lot of stress to me.

‚— GOT7’s Jinyoung

| Naver

While one would usually consider a relationship as one thing that may very well be enjoyable, Jinyoung appears to be targeted on wrapping up his schedules earlier than enlistment, saying, “it seems irresponsible” to be in a relationship earlier than that. Fans don’t have to fret, although, as he said that he “will try” up to now after his discharge.

I’ll attempt [to date] after I get discharged. I’ll be in my 30s by then, so I believe my followers will perceive. [Laughs]. I’m sorry, Ahgases.

— GOT7’s Jinyoung

| Daum

This mature perspective on courting showcases Jinyoung’s true persona!

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