Girls’ Generation member and actress Choi Soo Young acquired the Excellence Acting Award on the’2022 MBC Drama Awards.

On December thirtieth, the 2022 MBC Drama Awards was held at MBC in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Girls’ Generation’s Choi Soo Young gained the Excellence Acting Award for the day by day & short-act drama class.

Choi Soo Young, who was additionally accountable for MCing on at the present time, stated in her speech, “Thank you for giving me such a precious award.” She talked about her fellow member Yoona, who was additionally current on the scene, saying, “Yoona, now is the time for you to cry”, making her giggle.  Yoona then made a coronary heart in the direction of Choi Soo Young.

Choi Soo Young stated, “‘Fan letter, please’ contains growth, healing, and comfort. It’s a good drama with many messages. Unfortunately, it was a pity that many people couldn’t watch it because the time slot overlapped with ‘Reborn Rich’. But today, I am grateful to be able to tell people who worked on this drama good news.” 

snsd sooyoung 2022 mbc drama awards

She added, “To mark the 15th anniversary of my debut this year, I did Girls’ Generation activities and spent a hot summer with ‘Fan letter, please.’ I want to send you a fan letter saying that this winter is especially cold and everything will be fine.”

seo ha joon 2022 mbc drama awards

Meanwhile, Seo Ha Joon from “The Secret House” gained the identical award. Seo Ha Joon stated, “I want to thank the MBC officials who helped me get to where I am today after debuting at MBC in 2013. I will work hard to become a qualified actor.”

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