When Keiko Agena was interviewed on Scott Patterson’s I Am All In podcast, she shared that she and Alexis Bledel weren’t buddies on set. According to Entertainment Weekly, Agena mentioned,”I wish we had more of a friendship. That was probably a lot to do with me not making as much of an effort as I should’ve.” While the actors weren’t good buddies, their characters Lane Kim and Rory Gilmore stay shut throughout all of Gilmore Girls.

Fans usually really feel that Lane’s storyline is upsetting, as she will get pregnant with twins, marries Zack Van Gerbig, and does not go away Stars Hollow. Many viewers needed Lane to journey together with her band, Hep Alien. Redditors are sharing their sizzling takes on this character and why they really feel superb about how Lane’s life finally ends up.


Lane’s Ending Is Good

Lane and Brian change the babies diapers on Gilmore Girls

While Lane and Rory’s Gilmore Girls friendship scenes are shifting to look at, it is arduous to not surprise how issues might have been totally different for Lane. Fans have ideas on the totally different selections that Lane might have made, whether or not in her work life or with regards to who she chooses to marry.

Redditor flooperdooper4 shared, “I’m not really mad about how Lane’s life ended up” and mentioned that “Lane actually appeared to have a pretty nice life.”

It Wouldn’t Be Realistic For Lane And Rory To Become Super Famous

Rory and Lane read in the library on Gilmore Girls

It’s frequent to surprise why Hep Alien does not turn into a worldwide success with file offers and a worldwide tour, together with why Rory has a lot hassle making her writing profession occur.

One Redditor shared the new take that it does not make sense for these two buddies who name Stars Hollow residence to make it massive. The fan wrote, “it would have been too ridiculous for Lane to become a huge rockstar and Rory to become a huge foreign correspondent- two girls from the same microscopic town.”

Lane’s Ending Is Logical

gilmore girls lane kim zack van gerbig

While nearly all of viewers are confused about why Lane would present such musical expertise and big ambition for nothing to essentially occur with Hep Alien, some have the unpopular opinion that there was no different means for Lane’s life to prove.

Redditor zuvzusperaduswal thinks that “Lane’s storyline ultimately made sense in the greater context of the show” and that Lane has a very good job, a cheerful marriage, and children. Lane is a candy, clever and fun-loving one who finds somebody who she connects with and she or he remains to be making music.

Lane’s Story Is Similar To The Other Characters

Lane and Lorelai standing with Lane's baby in a bassinet on Gilmore Girls

When followers take into consideration the place the Gilmore Girls characters end up in A Year In The Lifethere are positively some disappointments. Rory is not the profitable journalist she assumed she can be and it is unusual that it has taken Luke Danes and Lorelai years and years to get married.

Redditor saltcakeduck posted that viewers suppose Lane “should have had this fantastical, perfect life when no one else in the show ever got it.” The fan shared the unpopular opinion that it is smart that Lane’s life has some flaws as a result of everybody, from Rory to Lorelai to Luke, offers with issues.

Lane And Brian Should Be A Couple

Brian and Lane talk to the manager of the show on Gilmore Girls

When interested by Lane’s love life, followers love seeing her early courting experiences with Henry Cho and Dave Rygalski. Many followers are unsure about Lane and Zack’s relationship however suppose that Dave is a flawless love curiosity for Lane as a result of he is candy, good, they usually each love music.

One Redditor wrote, “my biggest unpopular opinion is that Lane should have ended up with Brian, not Zach.” The fan can see one other model of Gilmore Girls the place Lane dates one other bandmate and thinks that Brian is smart as a companion for Lane.

Lane Is Snobby About Music

Throughout the primary few seasons of the present, Lane wears live performance t-shirts, hides data within the floorboards of her bed room, and continuously references the musicians that she cherishes and feels impressed by. When Lane and Dave meet for the primary time, they share an cute and charming second the place they chat about favourite bands and singers.

Redditor sehunnie_honeys shared the new take that Lane is a music “snob.” The fan wrote, “I like Lane a lot as a character and person, but I do get really annoyed by her music snobbery/gatekeeping.”

Rory Is A Great Friend For Lane

Rory and Lane in Gilmore Girls

When Rory and Lane’s Gilmore Girls friendship, followers suppose that Lane places extra vitality towards this relationship and that Rory focuses on herself an excessive amount of. When Lane has issues with courting and household, Rory is there for her, however usually not till Lane has expressed that she wants Rory.

Reddior Queenbreha shared the unpopular opinion that “high school Rory was a pretty good friend to Lane” and added, “Rory was a good friend to her when she let her stay at Yale” however the characters “grew apart a bit” as soon as Rory goes to Yale.

Lane Might Not Want To Move Away From Home

Lane Kim with her hair dyed purple in season 3 of Gilmore Girls

When followers meet up with Lane within the Netflix revival, she’s nonetheless residing in her hometown, working at Mrs. Kim’s antiques retailer, elevating her children, and taking part in music together with her band. Many viewers are disillusioned that Lane does not transfer some other place and surprise why she has stayed behind.

One Redditor requested, “Did Lane really want out of Stars Hollow?” and famous that whereas Lane is concerned about touring together with her band and shifting out, “I don’t remember a lot of angst about getting out of the town.”

Lane Is Content In A Year In The Life

Lane and Zack staring unhappily on Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

Fan reaction to A Year In The Life contains feeling emotional about how Lane’s life seems. Fans have so many questions, together with why Lane does not get a extra inventive job or discover a solution to make her band a much bigger success.

Some viewers like Lane’s revival arc and haven’t got an issue with it in any respect. Redditor ZemMattress wrote, “One of my favorite moments in AYitL was noticing Zack and Lane playing together in the background of the secret bar” and Redditor grumpymuppett added, “Lane has happiness when everyone is working so hard to get it.”

Lane Maintains Who She Is

Lane and Rory talking outside on Gilmore Girls

It’s doable to be sad with Lane not fulfilling her music goals or seeing extra of the world as the overall feeling is that Lane modifications an excessive amount of. Fans suppose that top faculty Lane would by no means be proud of the path that her life has taken as she would have hoped for lots extra.

Redditor h51195 shared the new take that Lane is stuffed with pleasure and peace proper the place she is as a result of Lane remains to be the identical particular person. The fan wrote, “overall, she was successful in staying true to herself.”

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