(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua has always been praised for her outspoken and confident nature. She has never hesitated to speak her mind. She once used her platform to publicly reprimand a group of men in China for using violence against women. She also left a touching message to women.

To all of you lovely girls, I am sorry I can’t assist your ache, fears, and grievances, however now what’s necessary is that you just stay properly and heal with time. Other than that, belief me, everybody will battle to your justice. There isn’t any purpose to indicate mercy to scums like them. I simply hope you’ll be able to see the heat in your misfortune.

— Shuhua

This time, the valuable woman helped a fan recover from their concern of popping out to their mother and father. A fan requested Shuhua what they need to do in the event that they like somebody of the identical gender.

Shuhua had the perfect recommendation.

Just love them. Just love them bravely. Don’t whine. Don’t whine, actually.

— Shuhua

In Mandarin, the phrase for “don’t whine” signifies that one mustn’t consider one thing as an enormous deal. Shuhua is encouraging the fan to pursue their love bravely and care much less what others suppose. The fan continued to ask what they need to do in the event that they face disapproval from their mother and father.

This is an effective query. Loving somebody is one thing to do with your self, not your mother and father. So I believe you need to severely and properly attempt to talk together with your mother and father. If they love you, they are going to settle for you ultimately. So it’s okay. You guys don’t know simply how highly effective love is.

— Shuhua

With her encouraging pearls of knowledge, hopefully the fan has discovered some consolation and readability!

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