(G)I-DLE have been requested which member is the almost certainly to ghost on their group chat, they usually didn’t even have to debate it—Shuhua was shortly picked after a unanimous vote!

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Hilariously, the members didn’t even hesitate after they got the query, pointing right away to Shuhua.

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Then Yuqi and Minnie misplaced no time in exposing her, saying that she by no means replies and that “She’s always sleeping!”

And they’ve proof! According to Yuqi, there’s all the time a notification on their group chat that indicators when there are unread messages, and the members all the time understand it’s Shuhua. Except, based on Yuqi, Shuhua by no means fails to answer to her on WeChat!

Shuhua was prepared together with her protection, nonetheless. She defined that the explanation why she by no means replies on the group chat is as a result of she turned off the notifications for it, which means she merely doesn’t see what’s happening. The members have been hilariously affronted, with Soyeon saying, “Should we make a group chat on WeChat?” And with Miyeon hilariouly replying with, “She’d probably turn that off too.”

Considering how busy the members have to be on a regular basis, Shuhua can maybe be forgiven for not being so lively on the group chat. They all should have already got a lot to maintain monitor of!

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